Don’t Let Your Business Die In The Winter!

It can be tempting for network marketers to view the  

winter holiday season as the off-season,

 but that can have potentially harmful consequences on your business.

Marketing should not be turned on and off like a light switch,

as most campaigns take time to catch on and yield results.

Many times, the winter season is when you should

ramp up your marketing efforts to bring

you into the prime spring season with a bang.

If you shut off or turn down your marketing,

you close off your voice to your prospects.

As the year begins to wind down,

many people are looking forward to the new year.

They are making plans to lose weight,

to earn extra money,

to go back to school,

to make their lives better in the upcoming year.

If you don’t get to them before they know they need you, someone else will.


many are NOT planning to spend more than they have,

but they WILL anyways…

thus, making your opportunity to earn side cash that much more appealing.


What a wonderful time of year to reach out to your downline…

I’m pretty sure many of them had plans to take off from marketing

and busying themselves with holiday parties and tree decorating.

How awesome would it be if you took time to help them write out

their goals for 2018?

Don’t stop at financial either,

Include spiritual goals, family goals,


…one on one time the spouse, kids, or significant other.

Health goals: do they need to join a gym, take Zumba classes

or just incorporate 30-minute walks into their day.

What about making better choices with the food

they eat, drinking more water and less

alcohol or soda.

How much more productive will your team

members be once they know that you

sincerely care about them and their success?


This is where we take a long hard look at our

productivity for the year…

How did you do?

Did you reach the next rank in your company or

are you still where you are when you signed up eight months ago?

Either one is fine, it’s yesterday’s news…

What really matters is what you do from today forward.

What can and will you do differently in 2018

that you didn’t do this year?

If what you did this

year didn’t get you the results you wanted

then try something new

something different so you won’t be considered insane

(doing the same thing over and over hoping for different result.)

So, do your best to keep your marketing forefront this season

One of the tools I’ve been using to add people in my downline

can be found HERE

Try it for FREE, you have nothing to lose but new prospects.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Connect with me on FACEBOOK.

Til Next Talk,

Keinesha J.

This article was published on 09.12.2017 by Keinesha Johnson
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