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Do you get paid to buy your dog or cat food? Sounds crazy, right?

I work from home with a holistic pet nutrition company. My own cats LOVE the food. As in, they tear the bags OPEN!! I can't believe how much they love the food & it's healthier than what they were eating! 

One of my cats has eosinophilic granuloma complex (EGC) which is a rare condition. Her immune system hyper-reacts allergic-fashion with her eosinophilic count exploding through the roof. The result is lesions (all over) which quickly become infected and there's also tummy upset. She also has asthma. There is not much that she can have as far as variety. She must have novel proteins and this company that I'm partnered with, creates treats & toppings that she can have! You don't know how special this is. I mean, she can have pretty much nothing. 

What's further amazing about this company is that you can make recommendations and they get on it. For example, I'm asking for a safe lysine product for my EGC cat (she has chicken allergy) and a bison product without beef, and more treats! You can never have enough treat options! Also, I'm asking for them to produce a novel protein wet and dry food for her.

Everyone is receiving immune support because at least two of my cats have obvious allergies. One is battling ringworm (a fungus) and better immunity helps to fight off anything. 

There's also an incredible gastrointestinal product full of prebiotics and probiotics which all three of mine are taking. It's believed by many that most conditions evolve from the gut. I'm wondering about my cat who has severe pica and anal discharge... It hasn't been fun! It's a test....will she stop craving PAPER?

I'm switching my kittens to this company's food 100% and as soon as they have a novel protein wet and dry food, my EGC cat gets that!

Know that this company will do everything for your animals to be healthy!

Let me know if you're open to hearing more about how to bring in additional income while helping pets & without carrying inventory! So many perks! It's incredible but really, what's more incredible than that is how happy my cats are with these treats, food, and supplements! 

I majored in biochemistry and I, myself have a very restricted diet and lifestyle due to food, medication, and insect anaphylaxis so I'm well-versed about ingredients. I understand my EGC cat's happiness when she can actually eat something new. It made me cry and I'm not exaggerating a single bit. This is why I have chosen to adopt special needs cats because the hoo-mans are also pretty special. And whatever, right? But this company makes being special easier because sometimes it does suck. 

My family is truly celebrating having this extremely healthy products that my cats can actually use!

This article was published on 04.11.2022 by Stephanie Flewelling
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