Hello my name is Marde Gideon, I'm a Philanthropist who recently joined an Amazing Movement whose mission is to create a Culture of Giving Worldwide and impact as many lives as possible. We will accomplish our goal thru Philanthropy, Education, Banking and Social Revolution. It's been said that when your Heart and your Mind and your Vision are aligned with purpose, Great things will happen. You've heard the cliches; It's better to Give than to Receive and the More you Give the more you Receive. It's a Universal Law that's been around since the ages, and it's so true. I'm sure you're wondering where's this going and what's in it for me? I'll get to that in a moment; but first I'd like to share a quick story with you. It sums up who I am and what I'm all about as a person and why I absolutely Love this Company. One very cold morning around 2:30-3:00 AM; a couple of my friends and I were on our way to go deer hunting and stopped at the Local Denny's restaurant for some breakfast. I noticed a station wagon pull up and watched a single Mom and three little boys scurry into the front door and watched them prancing in place and rubbing their little hands together trying to get warm. It appeared to me they had everything they owned in that station wagon. When the waitress got to their table I could read the Mother's lips "saying we are just going share a plate of fries" and she began counting her change on the table. At That very moment I was overcome with compassion and quietly called the waitress over with a wave, and told her to take them menus and let them order anything they wanted; even pie and icecream. But, I told her, you cannot let her know who I am; just bring me the bill secretly and I'll be happy to take care of it. I watched those little boys start bouncing in their chairs with excitement and was blessed to witness their big blue eyes open wide as saucers. Then that Beautiful little struggling Mom put one hand over the other across her heart and began rocking in her chair and crying desperately. The feelings I received from seeing her emotions bare her soul; just rushed over me like a massive wave. So many tears and emotions, but you see...those were not tears of sadness or shame. Those were tears of LOVE; because I don't think she could believe someone she didn't know and would never know, would be willing to feed her and her babies. Had she looked right at me...I would have been busted bigger than Dallas; because my eyes had filled with tears because of the LOVE I had received back for that single act of kindness. Those feelings had filled my Heart with thanksgiving; and were feelings you could never buy. They were unmistakably a gift from Almighty GOD, one that I have never forgotten and it seems like only yesterday. I can see it all happening again in my Minds Eye in Living color.The reality is, that it was almost 40 years ago and I've been doing it ever since. LOVE is the most powerful force on Planet Earth and worth sharing with others, without expecting something in return. I would like to encourage you; when you are feeling down about something, do what I did and you will cherish a memory like that for the rest of your life as I have. I cannot explain how that one experience has changed my life in such a powerful way. That's why we were put on this Love one another. I'm so Grateful My GOD Blessed me with such a Generous Heart...I've never been the same. Now I want to Bless you with this Opportunity; truly of a Lifetime. Thank You...

Now.. what's in it for me? This Movement I've become a Member of just Launched on the 15th of January 2020; and is now already in over 60 Countries, with over 60,000 members strong and growing by hundreds everyday. With just peer to peer sharing and NO Social Media sharing YET; soon to come. It's a Global Community Support Line that's built in a SINGLE LINE top to bottom; in all 64 steps, and is managed by a mathematical Algorithm and verified by the Blockchain. "What is a blockchain?" It's an immutable open Ledger that time stamps and records every transaction submitted. "What does Immutable mean?" It means that it is unhackable and unchangeable and totally secure for you and myself. The Global Community Support Line is used to be able to track those transactions in the order they occur. This Amazing Company is a Cause driven Movement that can be for a Personal Cause or a Charity of your choice.. You will be able to publish your Own cause in your back office so that other Philanthropist's can read and Contribute to your cause no matter how big or small it may be; BITCOIN that is...and Lots of it. You will have the opportunity to contribute to many different causes every month. What a blessing it is and really one you must experience to believe; there is nothing like it, I promise you. You may say "Will someone Contribute to MY Cause?" My cause may not be as Dynamic or Heart Warming as some of the other causes. The System Algorithm will manage the "GIVING BOX" so that one cause doesn't receive 20 contributions and you and I only receive 2 contributions. The System will tell you and me who the next cause is to be contributed to; so nobody gets left behind. You only have to share this opportunity with two people that want to make a difference in someone else's life. The Power of two is so powerful and so easy to do; that anyone can do it. We contribute in Levels from Ground Zero to Level Six (64 steps) and you are Rewarded for giving; by the Global Community Support Line growing below you. How long will it take you..that depends on how long it takes you to share with 2, and help them share with 2. Again, It's so easy that anyone can do it and they are doing it. NOW...What makes us Different? Our Company doesn't touch anyone's BITCOIN; it's paid peer to peer, Wallet to Wallet.You will have a residual income every month that never ends. Once you complete all 64 steps; you simply start over and do it again with the same team you have. You're probably wondering "How many $1000's of Dollars do I need to get started, in order to Bless others and make this monthly income?" You can get started today for less than $60.00 in that's not a typo...Less than $60.00 in BITCOIN gets you started, in the most Rewarding Opportunity of a lifetime. This Movement will soon go Viral on Social Media and grow by Thousands and Thousands Worldwide everyday with or without you. Please don't wait.. Why did we decide to use BITCOIN as our preferred method of payment for contributions? Because 1 BITCOIN in The United States is the same as 1 BITCOIN in Japan or any other Country in the World. AND, it's decentralized; which means it can't be controlled by a Bank, Government, a CEO or Business. Most of us can spend $60.00 on lunch with our Loved ones. YOU will be able to feel that LOVE I was talking about earlier; that Gift from Almighty GOD, over and over again. You will change your life and the lives of others for less than $60.00 BITCOIN.

It's a NO BRAINER, so to get all the details on how you can get started please visit and/or Friend me, Marde Gideon on Facebook Thank you and God Bless... Most Sincerely,

Marde Gideon

This article was published on 25.02.2020 by Marde Gideon
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