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Why is Data so Valuable?

Did you know your data is being sold?  Most free apps are not really free. Someone is getting paid to share your whereabouts. 

Most of the time, you have chosen to share your location, but have not turned off the permissions. 

You are not getting paid for that location information being sold to advertisers. There is a lot of money being transferred for our data.  But today there is an answer for us all.

Data enables advertisers to profile consumers and advertise in a much more dramatically and personalized way. 

How Does This App/ Program Work?

With this mobile app, you can sell location data and make money. No, not by tracking movement, this is illegal. It only notates particular locations that you choose.  You can use this app on Android and Apple.

This is an affiliate program. This is one of the best affiliate programs to launch in a  long time. It has been beta-tested to work out any issues. 

Only 6400 people in the US are currently using the app within the affiliate program, 58K Globally, This is the ground floor of this new opportunity.

This is How You Can Earn Over 5K/per Mo.

For example, YOU share with only 10, and those 10 do the same x2 (or 4 levels).  Once you get to the 4th level of affiliates, there are thousands of subscribers you have helped bring to the service. This earns you over $5600. You can bring 20, 30... unlimited to your business. You can write off any business expenditures on your taxes.  

                                                                 Why this is NOT a Pyramid Scheme   

The app subscription is approved by Google and Apple. Pyramid schemes are illegal. There is no hierarchy. Everyone has the same opportunity.  No upfront payments are paid to an owner. You don't have to bring 10 people to the program.  The app provides a real service.

How is This App Feeding the Hungry?

The developers of Instant Recall have partnered with Feeding America, a nationwide network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. They provide food and support to over 40 million people a year. For every subscription established, Instant Recall feeds 5 families. Once you start earning money, you can give more, if you like, as a good steward of blessings.

How Can I Get More Details and/ or Sign Up?

Though this is such a simple concept, it seems too good to be true that a simple $3.99 app can earn over 5K per month, or even over 84K per month. However, it is possible because of the reasons stated at the beginning.  Data is a commodity. 

 At this time, we can not market this program to those who reside in Africa.  

Also, there are live zoom calls where the program is explained in detail, and questions can be asked and answered.  

Below, please find my referral link if your interest is piqued enough to get started right now. Also below you will find the zoom link for our live zoom calls that take place Tuesdays, Thursdays at 7 pm EST, and Saturdays at 11 am EST beginning May 24, 2022.

4 Minute Informational Video

My referral link is

Join Zoom Meeting

Contact me for the zoom link

Connect with me. I will help you in any way I can to get your business off the ground, by providing any information on marketing materials and any new developer videos. 

You will be helping many people find a way to a great monthly income while feeding the hungry here in America! 

 At this time, we can not market this program to those who reside in Africa.  

This article was published on 23.05.2022 by Marina Jacobs
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LGM Enterprises, LLC - Mobile App Income, 3.99 USD to join

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