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Does Giving Away FREE Sample Pack Marketing Work?

One of the lessons of customer interactions, I learned when I was a teenager. I delivered morning newspaper for over 10 years during my school days. For one hour of work every morning, I earned good money- it paid for my college and my first new car.

During my first year, I dropped a Christmas card to every customer (about 389) around mid-November. I did it to wish them happy holidays and appreciate them for being good customer. They never complained. To my surprise, that first year I received around $4500. Most people paid around $10, some even paid as much as $100. I continued that practice every year thereafter.

Earn By Giving Away FREE Sample Pack

I learned important aspect the human interactions. By giving my customers Christmas greeting card, they felt I had given them something. They were touched by my gesture. Thus, they felt obligated to reciprocate. Most were generous and some were too generous.

Ironically, the same concept applies to giving away free samples. Giving away free samples is one of the most reliable ways to bolster sales of product. It gives a customer a chance to try something without paying for it. Interestingly, most feel that they should do something in return, so they are likely to buy your product at least once. If they like the product, they will become a regular customer. It gets even better, they will tell their friends and relatives, how they got the FREE sample.

One of the great success of giving away free samples was by Coca-Cola. Between 1894 and 1913, Coca-Cola relied heavily on free samples to get the word out about their new product, usually mailing out coupons to drug stores and random customers. During the 20-year period, 1 in 9 Americans were given a free drink.

Wrigley mailed free gum to every address listed in US telephone directories. All total, Wrigleys sticks of gum, which now included the newly introduced Doublemint flavor, were shipped to over 1.5 million addresses in 1915 and to about 7 million homes in 1919.

Offering product samples needs to be part of an integrated business plan and marketing strategy. Offering free samples help you kick-start your business. Product sampling can let customers see for themselves how your product is.

Earn By Giving Away FREE Sample Pack

There is also cost associated to give away samples. In todays economy, the cost can be prohibitive. There are many ways you could provide FREE samples to customers.

  • As a marketer, you could provide the sample pack at zero cost while customers pay for shipping.
  • Offer Free sample by sponsoring an event. Sponsoring an event will increase your name recognition. You can also place a booth wherein they offer free samples to potential customers who have not heard of the company.
  • Offer Free sample as bonus. Show your customers your appreciation by sending them free samples.

An important part of business wisdom is that you must give to receive. You can be sure that this wisdom will go long ways in increasing sales by giving away FREE samples.

This article was published on 29.06.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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