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"They tried to make me go to rehab

I said, no, no, no”...

Amy Winehouse, …and most of the program hoppers in mlm.

If you saw a heroin addict on the street would you try to get him to stop using?

Or would you just keep walking?

They are called “Junkies” for a reason, because they shoot junk (heroin used to be called junk) into their veins in order to get a quick feeling of euphoria, that usually lasts for a brief period and then they need another fix.

People who jump from one company into another in network marketing or promote more than  one at a time, are called MLM Junkies. They are constantly finding a new dealer (sponsor or program) that all promise them the same elusive thing:

"This will solve your problems of not having the success you so richly deserve. But in most cases the magic formula is only an illusion and temporary mind trick."

This type of behavior creates a perpetual cycle of joining and quitting on a massive scale in the industry, which in turn creates high attrition rates in all companies, both the good ones and the bad ones. And there are only a handful of what most industry professionals believe are good solid companies.

Most of these junkies believe that “the next big thing” will be the key to success for them when they didn't even achieve any level of success in the company they quit to join that hottest new thing. Very few people get lucky in this business, you can't have a lottery mentality that you're going to pick a winning ticket and the dollars will just fall from the sky on top of you.

Am I being too harsh?

Dr. Phil and Gordon Ramsay are two of my favorite people that I like to watch on TV. Because they get in people's face and they call them on their BS. We love to watch someone else getting taken down a peg or two, but we don't have to change ourselves.

"You're fine just the way you are."

That's what a lot of people who want to put you in their programs will tell you:

You just need my thing and the skills and the personality traits that you already have will launch you're epic career in network marketing.

Every so often I will come over here to where the mlm junkies hang out and see if I can find a few people who realize they're in desperate need of some practical help.

The first step in getting help is acknowledging that you need it. Maybe you are in a company that has delivered on the promise of residual income to the people have made a commitment to do the work. But if your in the-

“next big thing”

Either keep feeding your delusion or get help.

Thousands of those next big things never panned out. About 5 did and you won't join them because they aren't ground floor opportunities anymore. Most ground floor deals won't last 4 years. How can you create residual income if the company goes out of business?

Most people are in a tragic denial about what is the core issue to what is holding them from the wild success they believe is possible for them. They think the latest fad product, Innovative compensation plan, or slick marketing downline building scheme will propel them to the success they already believe they deserve. They only need the right external mechanism to accomplish it.

The problem is not external. The problem that is hindering your success is more than likely internal. People in absolutely horrible opportunities can create massive success with mediocre or overpriced products and very difficult pay plans. But they will also leave a pile of bodies in their wake.

So with all the bells and whistles at your disposal in every awesome company you have shared with your friends and family why have you not been able to create even modest success?

I will tell you exactly why.

This industry and career choice is about developing yourself and then building others into leaders.

The problem you face, (if you're a junkie) is that you're thinking that you will recruit a superstar into your organization. You are so mistaken that I can only have a great deal of sympathy for you. A successful leader will not join you because a leader can spot a junkie coming from a mile away.

Even though I've been in four companies since 1986 I was never a junkie. I started in the final company that I've been with since 1994.

I had to work very hard because I had a employee mindset for a long time. But I went to work both on myself  and I personally enrolled well over a hundred people in my business on a consistent basis over the 10 years that I was actively building. By the way, This was mostly in pre-internet days. The internet has only compounded the problem of not requiring people to develop personal growth into their business plan. Because all you need now is a cool website and some effective traffic strategies. Forget that.

When I retired for what for me was an ethical reason in 2004, I had enough leaders in place that I didn't have to actively recruit any new ones because I wasn't willing to take on the responsibility that true sponsorship requires, and I didn't until 2017 when I wanted to start building a new generation of leaders in my business. I am reigniting my own passion for several reasons, not the least of which is I have a desire to witness and help people succeed in this industry instead of being exploited by many who know that telling prospects the truth will lose them the sale.

So I write these articles knowing full well that they will not cater to most people's mediocrity, but it may inspire a few to reach out for help so I can break the cycle in which they may see themselves, that of a hopeless mlm junkie.

I can't keep walking  past...I am trying to get you into rehab. Amy Winehouse died because she wouldn't accept tough love.

Connect with me to see if you're ready to quit the needle and the spoon.  Maybe I can help you.

Rehabilitating network marketing addicts since 1994.

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This article was published on 20.08.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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