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STARTING A CONVERSATION IN COLD MARKETING! Always remember that there is never shortage of someone who needs financial freedom out there, just like you and I need it now, so there are people everywhere that need financial freedom, especially in these times of massive job loses and economic challenges. We should always remember that the only way to overcome fear is to do that which we fear. Imagine you were employed by this rich company like 4corners and your job description was ONLY to work one hour or two every day to just get 5 phone numbers of clients per day, then knock off and you get paid millions of dollars by the monthend. Am very sure, all of us would fight for that job and DO the job with passion everyday. If we very strongly realised that 4corners company has that money ready even now to pay us, ALL of us would be running EVERYDAY and took advantage of its compensation plan to reap off or loot the money from this company, through its compensation plan. By the way, 4corners company has that money to pay us even NOW. tell, a greeting with a genuine smile mostly opens up communication. For example, I can see somebody at a restaurant, greet them and genuinely compliment them. Hi good morning, good afternoon, good evening (whichever the time), I like your blue shirt, I like your car, it could be in the post office, bus station ...I can start by speaking to whoever is around (near) me; hey It's really hot today or It's really raining today, (or look for something that suits your situation where you are and briefly talk about such, it could be football, politics, religion, etc.) Briefly forget about your business and just focus on being a person, a usual human being and chat. Just talk to somebody like you really care about them. However, if the people we are talking to are not engaging back, that's ok, end it and don't make it weird. If it doesn't go anywhere, that's ok. Actually that even saves you your precious time to move on to other people somewhere else. Always remember that there are billions of people out there wanting financial freedom. Just have fun doing that... If they are responding well, great! let's look at 'How to Get them Want to See Your Deal (your 4corners business) on Monday and on Tuesday, we focus on 'Setting an Appointment with Them'. Good day and God bless you.
This article was published on 29.11.2015 by Danny Mulenga
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