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Smart-profiler is an organization designed and carved out from a number of legal houses and also backed up with full legal body under the Private Investigation Act of the Nigerian Constitution. Our services are affordable and extremely professional; we do all kinds of private investigation among which includes:

Employees Theft and Fraud Investigation

External supervision and assessment

Decoy Agent Service

Business Feasibility and Information on Competitor

Fraud Investigation

24 Hours Surveillance and Smart Stalking 

Adultery Investigation

Tracing & Intelligence Service

Background Check and Profile Information

Insurance Claims Investigation

Tracking of Person(s)

Debt Recovery & All

 Smart-profiler has the required license and professional/expertise to handle any of the above mentioned services. Our major work force is on Company or Individual profiling such as Company’s information details: we get you all the information you need on a company and give you our professional opinion before venturing into a business/agreement/deal with a company or individual especially if the company is truly registered with the cooperate affairs commission, confirmation of Company’s address, confirmation of the rightful owner(s) of the company. We even spy on the company’s account records to ensure that the company worth what it claimed it worth. And several other related services regards to surveillance and decoy agent spies. All our services are carried out legally and are within the parameters of the Nigerian Law.

This also relate to Company’s employees, we dig up employees past and present activities, to ensure that all his claims are legit. This may include educational qualification, Work experience, personal details, family background and state of origin, age, financial records, investment and assets, guarantors claim… to mention but few. We have all the resources and technology it takes to track down these information over a short period of time depending on the nature of the information made available to us to start with. We serve you whenever and wherever, anywhere you want in Nigeria and outside its bounds. We track a ghost person down wherever he maybe and ensure justice is served.


To build a society worthy of its responsibilities and to reduce crime and impersonation and also to enhance integrity with the soul aim of building trust in any organization and the community at large. 


To curb fraud, eliminate currupt intentions, build a trust worthy future and over throne leisure with hard work. 


To investigate even inside the deep waters. Leaving no stone unturned. To induce a sense of integrity in the society. 


Entrepreneurial drive

Passion for the country’s integrity

Transpiracy and real team spirit

Empathy for the oppressed

Love for the law and justice

Quality service delivery


Given the survey result carried out in 2015 which implicates that over 30% of the Nigerian workforce are gainfully or otherwise employed with a faked or manipulated result, either from primary school level, Secondary, tertiary or post graduate institutions level, acquired indigenously or abroad. It is on this ground that our profound desire to eliminate this hideous criminal acts staring the society on the face and therein, denying the so academically qualified persons on the street. 

Smartprofiler also known as THE INFORMANT was established in 2013 by an American based Nigerian with a primary aim of neutralizing the trend of falsified engagement of cooperate fraudsters or individual (four-one-niners) out to extort people/organizations of there fortunes. And also to restore the glory of the nation whose name is already stained with distrust.

Thanks for taking a time out to reading this. We hope to be contacted for business with you.

For: CEO

Robert Chris.
This article was published on 15.08.2016 by Robert Chris
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