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Hi Guys ,

Why is it that some people are successful in our business and some are not? 

They had the same product line, same comp plan and same marketing materials we had.   

What was the difference?  

People who duplicated used a system. They had a step-by-step process for how they approached people, what marketing materials they used, how they enrolled people, trained them, etc.   

That was the big breakthrough for us.  We understood that we had to do the business in a way that others could reproduce the same results we got.  Once we understood that, everything changed for us.  We went on to build a team with more than 4,000 people around the world and earn millions of pounds in commissions.  

It was all a result of creating what would become our generic system for building the business.   

The complete Global Resources Team International business building system is available for you to use so make sure you get it and use it!

Our 7 step sponsoring system includes….

Step 1. Making the first contact

Step 2. Creating the interest

Step 3. Sending the “Introduction to our business information

Step 4. The follow up to step 3

Step 5. The Business Presentation

Step 6. The follow up to step 5

Step 7. Getting your new person started.

The basics of our business is simple but some people complicate it by not using the system that works.

You need to be prepared and you need to have support if you are new in the business. 

Don’t try and do it by yourself! When you work by yourself you are in danger of putting your prospects off, you even frighten them! Why is that...It's because they will think that they will have to work by themselves if they were to come into your team and most people would be put off by that. Everybody wants to be part of a team!

Team...Together - Everybody - Achieves - More!

We have all the tools available to you including s that created a six figure residual income for us. If you would like to find out how we can help you please message us, we would love to help.

You can check out our product range here...  

P.S. Next we have a topic that may shock you: The thing that is more important than your skill!

This article was published on 23.10.2017 by Phil Cony
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