Your Future is Brightest with PIUNI

If you are reading this, then you are blessed. If you are considering it, then it's destiny.

Piuni is the most lucrative and juicy MLM available at the moment. It offers services that nobody can refuse. The most beautiful aspect is that piuni is still fresh and you will join as one of the pioneers. My dear, do not doubt, rather seek better advice and information. This offers you opportunity into the telecoms money...  

Let me explain to you a little about piuni. It's a company that is based in USA, but starting its operation in Nigeria. Can someone say bless God for this? Most of the MLM companies get to Africa when they must have circulated the globe but this one is starting with us here. Piuni offers services such as airtime top ups, data bundle, bill payment etc. Piuni has recently developed different apps to enable her customer easy access to the global community. Among these apps are U-chat(Universal chat). this will enable individuals to chat across the globe. We have other apps such as U-pay. These apps will be released into the market slowly, starting from next two weeks

There are three levels of marketers at piuni. They are the affiliate,the agent and the customer. At the moment, piuni is recruiting affiliates. How can you become an affiliate? You can become an affiliate by obtaining a piuni trademark. This trademark cost you just $40. With this, piuni sets up a website for you as well as a software that handles your service, including the financials aspect. All you need do is seat and watch your account. But you will buy stock. The stock you buy will determine your level of affiliation. There are three levels of affiliation, namely: basic, premium and family. The basic level is the lowest. It cost you extra $100. Once this is paid, your web will be stocked with airtime worth $10,000. All you do is promote your website and people will log in to make their purchase. Now, the service is available in 140 countries. That means i can top up the airtime of a friend in any part of the world from here in Nigeria. Anyone from any part of the world can log in and purchase airtime. This is so cool. My cousin in London thought it was scam when i told her about it. I didn't argue with her about it, all i did was to show her with an example by topping her airtime, then i asked her to confirm it. The next level of affiliation is what we call the premium pack. This cost $500, apart from the fee for the trademark. The last level is the family pact level.

How do you make excess money here? There are nine ways of earning money. I will explain just three of them.

1. Through direct earning: For every one who joins the group through you, that is, anyone you refer to the group, you will earn 10% of the amount of stock they buy. There is no limit to the number of persons you will refer

2. Pairing bonus: All you need to qualify for this is just two referrals. Just get two people to register through you and you will earn 20% of the quantity of stock one of them bought. When these two referrals go out and get two each, they will earn similar thing and you will also earn exactly what they earned from their referrals. This continues to the 9th generation of referrals. What i mean is that, those four will go out and get two each, that is, eight, you will earn from this eight. The eight will go out ............

3. The power of $1: Here, if you have five referrals, you will earn 50% of the profit the company makes from their sales. Now, these five gets five referrals each, making it 25, you will earn 25% from these 25. These 25 goes out and get 5 each, you will earn 25% from those they get, and this continues to the 9th stage of referrals.

Is anyone shouting awesome??????? This is just three ways out of the nine ways of making money on this platform. Mind you, people will still go to your website to buy airtime. You also be given free voucher to sample. Take advantage of this opportunity,it's rare. Believe me, you wont want to regret in the future.

For more information, reach me on 07032361955 or

Log on to to top up your airtime.   

You will be amazed at what you will discover. Remain bless.

This article was published on 13.07.2016 by Okeke Uchekinzie
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