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Network Marketing is the ultimate vehicle for changing lives. Its about Freedom of Choice, Financial Freedom and having the health to enjoy that Financial Freedom. Our team is called Max Freedom Team. Our purpose is to do more than just EMPOWER you to reach your Dreams of Financial and Time Freedom, our purpose is to be a driving catalyst that ensures all of our partners are ASSURED of success. There is only one way to fail with our team ... don't engage.

How can we ASSURE success? You have or will undoubtedly hear industry leaders saying "the most important element in network marketing is .. new blood". You will also hear many leaders discussing the challenges around "retention".  First take note that retention is not only a challenge in network marketing, its a challenge in traditional business as well. Its an age old challenge to retain loyal customers and partners. In terms of Network Marketing the only reason this challenge still exists, is that the so called leaders preaching the importance of "new blood", do not understand the truth of their own statement. Never ending recruitment of new blood isn't the answer to patching up a leaky boat!! Its akin to embarking on a transocean voyage knowing your boat has holes and thinking taking a bailing bucket with you is the answer. YOUR GOING TO GET VERY VERY TIRED!! Likely you're going die among killer sharks. Our aim is to build a better boat that truly floats!

Our team has realized the true importance of "New Blood". Our team has devised a program and effectively mentors on the reality and truth of this importance, leveraging the most cutting edge technologies and forward thinking group of leaders anywhere in the world of business let alone MLM. We aren't reliant only on what our chosen MLM company hands us ... yes our company has great tools (way better than average), but we take it a giant leap forward with innovative thinking and team development, so much so that even our MLM company Founders and Executive Team are watching. Our approach to the age old problem ensures that each and every member of our team not only has a real and equal chance of success, so long as every member engages in the activities required, the teams solitary and collective focus is to ensure that members success. No one is left behind! 

If you want to be a contributing partner, building a boat that floats, with a cutting edge approach that will be the next generation of MLM development, partner with Max Freedom Team. 
This article was published on 26.03.2016 by Martin Stepanek
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