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ONPASSIVE And The Brutal Honest Truth! Part 2

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Few want to hunt

Then there were times when I had found a great company with amazing products and a compensation plan that worked, if you worked the business. However, your success was largely dependent on the people who joined with you. And unless you wanted to do all of the work yourself, for your entire team, then the only other way to be successful was to invite others who were willing to work as hard as you did.

You can only control yourself

But unfortunately, that was not always the case, either. When your income is dependent on others working the business, as hard as you do, then no matter how good the company is, if the people fail to do what is required, then eventually, everything will come to a halt.

Never blame

And when that happens, some people will naively blame you for their lack of success in a business or a program, simply because you were the one who invited them to join, in the first place. I am sure this has happened to many of you, if you have any experience at all, in the Online Marketing world. Either you were the one doing the blaming or you were the one being blamed.

Blaming others for who you are

And this is part of the brutal honest truth. Sometimes, it is just a lack of personal responsibility and outright FEAR that stops others in their tracks and chokes the life out of any chances they may have ever had of being successful online. For you to truly be successful in Online Marketing, you simply cannot play the blame game, no matter who is at fault, you must take personal responsibility, not only your successes but for your losses, as well.

Let's face it

And let's face it, while there are an awful lot of scams out here in the online marketing world, some you can see upfront and others you cannot see until much later, not everything is a scam.

Results or Excuses

And sometimes people have a tendency to want to call something a scam, simply because they do not take responsibility for their work ethic or lack thereof, in the business, whether this is by not doing their due diligence before joining or simply not doing the work once they have joined.


So, what is the alternative? If you have never heard of ONPASSIVE, then you owe it to yourself to find out what it is . On the surface, ONPASSIVE is a Information Technology, an IT company that is products and services driven but underneath that, it is so much more. If you were to google ONPASSIVE, you would see a mixture of information... some from people who know what they are doing and who know what they are talking about, then we have those who know exactly what they are doing, but have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. And those are the ones who use a bait and switch tactic to try and sell you something else once they have gotten you hooked on the name ONPASSIVE...but we won't waste time on that.

The Company and the owner

When I was first introduced to ONPASSIVE back in July of 2018, I started my usual process of researching but that was cut short. The moment that I knew the company now called ONPASSIVE, was started by Mr. Ash Mufareh, I was in, lock, stock, and barrel! I immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of it. And I say the company that is now called ONPASSIVE because when I first became a Founder in the company, we did not even have a name, at that time.

Visionary Leadership

However, I have known Mr. Mufareh for over 10 years now and there were three things I knew about him that made me want to work with him in ONPASSIVE and they were number 1, his extensive knowledge and experience in Online Marketing, number 2, his honest and tireless work ethic, and number 3, his genuine desire to help other people be successful online.

Welcome to ONPASSIVE

In order to learn more go to:

Your Partner for Success,

Saviour Ellul – Team Leader

This article was published on 25.11.2019 by Saviour Ellul
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