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Stop Bottled Water - Warriors Wanted!

I just finished a Zoom meeting and I'm feeling fired up! 

We should all work together to STOP BOTTLED WATER ... before it's too late!

By that, I mean there are huge corporations currently stealing our clean, fresh, high quality water and ruining it by putting it into a plastic garbage bottle and selling it back to us!

A lot of us in the network marketing space get harassed about markup on our products.  Which is laughable since the markup on bottled water is roughly 4000X.  People don't seem to be that concerned but when it comes to a small home based business making any sort of profit, all of a sudden they have an opinion?   

I am ready to fight for our water!  I'm ready to fight the nay sayers with science and logic.  I am ready to take on the giants who are literally causing a water crisis for BIG PROFIT! 

But I need help.  One voice can be loud... but a thousand voices are LOUDER! 

I need more water warriors to shout it from the roof tops STOP BOTTLED WATER!  I need people with experience, brains and passion to help build out marketing campaigns to get the word out there  I need people who want to change the world and who are just crazy and bold and big enough to do it!

This isn't a little side biz for me.  This is passion and life's purpose come together to make real change.

I am (and will teach you) how to be a health and hydration coach.  We will expose bottled water for all it's lies, it's chemicals, its destruction of human health and our planet!    

We will teach people how to clean and ZAP their tap water to make the best water in the world! 

* anti aging

* anti oxidant

* anti-inflammatory

*anti plastic!

Who is ready to change some lives?  Who wants to step up and help us change the world!  

We need you!  The world needs you!  Water needs you! 

Don't wait until all our clean water is trapped in a bottle before you you wake up!   Please wake up and get in touch with me today!  

We are going to WAR!
This article was published on 15.09.2022 by Marie (the Water Nerd) Gardine
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