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Hello all of you fellow entrepreneurs, I hope you are all having an amazing time here on MLM GATEWAY! How many of you use some Social Media platform for friends, family and or business. Well a new Social Media Giant is about the launch and you have what is known as a First Mover Advantage. This new platform will soon replace Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, YouTube, Reddit and others. Did you know those companies make billions of dollars collecting your browsing information and selling it to all the major companies? Did they pay you for it? Of course not! Well that is changing right now, right under your nose.

As the former CEO of numerous marketing companies, I get paid to consult and review a lot of businesses. Today I was asked by a very astute business professional to review a new Social Media Platform that will actually share 70% of their business revenue with the people who use it! What? Yes, you read that correctly. Think about this for a moment. Are most of your friends and family on the social networks you use interested in your MLM business? You know the answer, it is no they are not. Now ask yourself how many of them would really like to get paid for using those platforms? Answer: Probably all of them!

So I clicked on the link my business friend sent me and did what he asked. Select Full Screen and turn up the volume. I have seen nothing quite like what I saw watching the video and I mean as in never. Remember when Facebook first started, and how someone told you to check it out? Well how many Facebook users are out there today? A Gazillion right! Ditto for the other platforms as well.

So I am making this post because I really have benefited over the years from what is known as the First Mover Advantage, and this is going to be beyond monumental. Everyone will want it, regardless for what they do for a living, including companies and local businesses who need and want more customers. Yes you read that correctly too. I said local businesses will benefit too, and so will you! Think about a way to shop online or with your phone with a local business, then the business gets paid and you got paid to shop there too. Mind Blowing and no I am not kidding. There is a lot more, but I will save it for you to see for yourself. I just want to encourage you to take the time like I did and watch the video and sign up for FREE !  

 Here is the link:

This article was published on 01.11.2022 by Shelby And Candice Langston
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Memberpoints Guy his sounds interesting. I will take a look to compare to the MLM social media opportunity I promote at   2 months ago

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