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Are you tired, depressed, stressed, overweight, lacking in energy, want to feel younger, want to sleep better, and combat aging?

(Q Sciences) Quintessential Biosciences began with the founding principle that if they did the right things for the right reasons, they would create a GREAT Company – great in the sense of having the ability to truly make a difference to improve the people's lives throughout the world.

QSciences works within the realm of the power of synergy: when two or more things produce a combined effect that is far greater than their individual results. They have bundles or you can buy individual products and they are designed to help you achieve the best benefits possible.

The company product philosophy is all-encompassing, truly enriching. As you strive to live a quintessential life, your health, every bit of it, is included in that process.

From essential micronutrients delivered via tablets sachets or sprays for better overall health to products created to target your specific needs.

The sprays are one of my favorite from difficulty falling asleep to essential vitamin supplementation, we’ve got a spray for that. Seriously, with Q4: Q Sprays, you receive two Q D3 Sprays to improve your vitamin D3 intake, two Q B12 Sprays to improve your vitamin B12 levels, two Q Sleep Sprays to help you fall asleep and wake up refreshed, a Q Boost Spray to ignite your metabolism, a Q C+ Spray for immune support, and a Q Relief Spray to help alleviate pain.  QSciences $0.01 US Promotion

Next is QMax - probably the most effective micronutrient I have taken ( I was taking 8 different multivitamins prior to finding this) and I was still deficient 3 areas until taking this and I only take one tablet a day.. others take up to 4 a day.  My blood test came back with no deficiency within a month.

Qbiotics is a must for my brain/gut health alongside the Qmax and last is QSleep.  As an insomniac who didn't have good sleep for 8 years, I am extremely grateful!

People are actively searching for healthy alternatives to help improve their overall wellbeing. Who wouldn’t want something that compliments a healthy, balanced lifestyle and gives you energy, as well as brain health and good mood health?   

Developed by doctors and health experts, QSciences is the first global company to provide a range of healthy nutrients for the brain, vascular system, digestion, men’s and women’s hormone balancers, as well as time release energy boosters and sleep enhancement to name a few. All the products are supercharged with probiotics, daily essentials and powerful omegas for optimum health and protection. At a minimum, QSciences has been proven to be beneficial in the following areas;


Improved brain function

Supports the immune system

Boost energy levels

Enables effective stress management

Helps reduce inflammation

Promotes a healthy heart and blood flow 

Promotes healthy cholesterol levels

Promotes healthy blood sugar balance

Increase cellular support

Improves nutrient absorption Increase sexual function Improves endurance and stamina 

For more information and or a personal discussion about opportunities or products 

Contact:  Deborah Moore 0426 822 488 

This article was published on 01.05.2019 by Deborah Moore
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