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Thank YOU, Captain Obvious!

Hey, what's up? I'm talking to you today from sunny northern Nevada and I'm so relieved that it is nice and sunny out because I for one have had enough of the winter. I'm not into snow sports, I don't dig shoveling and as far as I'm concerned, the only place I need ice isn't a cold drink, so this weather for me is awesome. Not to mention the time changed, so this is the time of year to get things done for me. 

I don't know what it is about that time change, but it's just such a drag and I got no use for it. California, you got smart this year. They voted to not change their time anymore from what I understand. Yay California. Let's see if we can make this countrywide. Maybe it's a last thing Trump will do while he's in office. I don't know. Or maybe the first thing in his next term, which may be great for you or scary depending on what you think.

Anyway, how I was reading an email today from a guy who was talking about of post on Facebook and apparently it was a marketer that had done some really big stuff on Facebook, quarter-million-dollar ads band and like three or $4 million of revenue and he was the guy right in the email is talking about it and saying, you know, he just listening to it, seeing what the guy had to say, but he found this one part that he thought was very interesting and it said, look, if you're going to do this stuff, you got to put in the work. 

None of this comes with blah, blah, blah, whatever you said after that doesn't matter. And Anyway, the guy, right and email thought that I'd see you got to put, no matter what you do, you got to put in the work. And for whatever reason, he thought this was very profound or interesting or something.

And I thought, really, I like to ask how, what the hell do you mean the work? You mean? If I want to dig a hole, I actually have to take the shovel and move dirt with it. Really. I mean what kind of customers is this guy have? Who exactly is he speaking to that you can use a term like the work and it's going to be some profound thing today. What specifically do you mean by the work? 

You know and it's, I think I ought to be a politician. You didn't say anything you were, are you honestly going to put that out there? You want to act like you have any business whatsoever. Teach anybody. Obviously you've got the ad thing nailed down. You know if you're, if you're working with a quarter-million dollars, you pull back three, three and a half, whatever it was. You got that nailed.

But if you consider yourself to be any kind of instructor and you're telling someone to do the work, I don't know. To me that's, that's jibberish. It's fluff. It's horse crap. And I, I don't understand why the guy can't just say something that means something and I don't know where the other dudes thinking either. 

Yes. You've got to put in the work. Well, if you're watching my videos, I'm not going to tell you to put in the work. I'll give you a tip actually. Um, I'm a copywriter. I for myself, I don't, I've been paid for it, which means I can call myself for a professional copywriter because that's, that's the cutoff right there. Have you ever been paid for, do you get paid to write copy? Yes. Then you're a professional. Thank you very much. Okay. Uh, am I any good? Well, that's up to you.

So when your, what the thing is, when you're doing copy or you're making an ad or you're attempting to sell something to market things to people, your first thing that you gotta do is take a look at the market. And I mean to ratchet it down as deeply as you can. Go to find out who specifically are you talking to? Even if all things are equal and you've got a difference between, are you speaking [inaudible], are you speaking mainly to females or males? That's a big difference. Right? 

And when you know their occupations and the types of neighborhoods they live in and the types of things they do for fun, that types of things that they watch on TV, the magazines they read, all these things are going to give you more information so that you can speak to those people using their language and talking about stuff that they talk about, things that they're interested in and everything else you do to attempt to influence these people to buy your product or service is going to be much more clear and much more easy for you because you understand who you're talking to.

So you're going to want to do research on these people and find out about as much I find as much about them as you can. That's putting in the work for if you want to write an ad or an email or a sales letters, so make a video for a certain group of people you're selling to. That's the work that you got to do. It's called research. It's the first step. So that's what I got for today. 

I hope you enjoyed it because I had a lot of fun making this video and anyway, that's all I got for today and I will see you tomorrow. I'm out.

This article was published on 18.09.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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