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I think it's safe to say that we all will be shopping somewhere for the items that include daily hygiene and washing our clothes along with other items that we need on a daily basis.  Why not start shopping more conveniently online and have better products shipped straight to your door?

There is access to over 450 products with Melaleuca.  The best way to find out what is offered is to visit the website and browse for awhile to get acquainted with everything.

People are creatures of habit.  So, building a habit of shopping online is just something you have to mentally create.  Most of us think of something we need and what store we want to try to see if they carry it.  Then, we have to figure out when we will have a chance to go to that store.

Learning to shop with Melaleuca means that you can simply get online, either at home or anywhere you can establish an internet connection, and browse both Melaleuca's products and other retailers.

So, all the points above point toward the convenience of shopping online through Melaleuca.  Becoming a preferred customer allows you to save every month on better products that you just didn't know existed.

Most people don't eat healthy enough, exercise enough, and are not really getting enough sleep due to time constraints. Why not start trying to make some small positive changes each day and each week.  Start trying shopping online and change your thinking about it.  You will find that it will start helping you save time and money once you get used to it.

Melaleuca has been around for 33 years, keep in mind.  Their business model and their products work.  

I joined recently.  Once I was shown the site, the products, the retailers that you can also shop with through Melaleuca, I saw how simple it was.  We don't want to over complicate our lives.  Shopping with Melaleuca helps simplify life in many ways.

They are constantly offering special deals and discounts, one of which I took advantage of when i joined.  There was a $100 rebate if you bought 50 points worth of products.  My total with tax came up to $120.  So, I got the first $100 worth of products for only $20.  

Similar promotions are happening regularly.  

Visit the site by going here: (I go by Scott most of the time, but wound up signing up as Jerry with Melaleuca, so don't be too confused by that). 

You can also reach me here: 


Enjoy your day

Scott Moore

This article was published on 21.08.2018 by Scott Moore
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