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ONPASSIVE And The Brutal Honest Truth! Part 1


Hello and thank you for reading my upline’s blog below:

My name is Victoria Leal and the first thing I want to say is that if you came to this video looking for hype about ONPASSIVE, you won't find it here, as that is not necessary...not now... not ever.

Hear the truth

This video was actually a little hard to make because I am going to tell you the truth about some things that may be hard for some of you to hear.


But if you don't hear it now, then it may be too late, by the time you realize that what I am saying is true.

A little background

And just to give you a little background... I have been in sales and marketing for 40 years and when I say that I have seen it all, I have seen it all, thus far. But I say that from a slightly different perspective then some. I understand the psychology of sales and I have sold many products from art works, to insurance, to vacuum cleaners.

Been there done that

But for the last 20 years, my focus has been primarily in the Online Marketing Industry involving Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing, as well as, Internet Marketing.

Free to Choose

And while there has been much success, I have also experienced much loss. I know there are some of you who have experienced loss and know exactly what I am speaking about. But the losses were challenges to me. And I never cried over spilled milk!

Remind yourself

In other words, when I made the decision to join something, I also made the decision to accept full responsibility for my successes and my losses. And I also knew, in my heart, that this Industry was where I wanted to be; this is where true financial freedom and time freedom, that we all seek, resides. I just had to find the right company.

Find the answer

And that encouraged me to want to know more about the industry from the inside out. And when a program or a business opportunity or a company that I was involved in went belly-up... and for some reason, I know that would be enough to make some of you want to quit, but not me... that just made me want to know exactly why this was happening. Was it the company? Was it me? Was it the people that were joining me?

Research and due diligence

This was what began my process of researching, and learning, and understanding different types of online companies or programs... from the owners, to the products, to the compensation plans, to the terms and conditions and all the fine print in between.

No Hype

And I became totally oblivious to hype. And for some of them, no matter how much hype they threw at me, I already knew they would not work and could practically predict how long they would be online, so I just stayed away from those. You have to understand, this has never just been about the money, for me. I have always looked for viable options that I could share with others to help them be successful online, as well. And besides, when a business or a program or company has to resort to hype, you'd better look deeper.

Business Closed

And when I thought I had found a viable option, the only things I could not control were the owners and the work ethics of the people who joined me. And over the years, I have been with companies that have had amazing products and great compensation plans and for whatever reason, the company just shut down, with no notice, leaving me and everyone who joined me hanging in the wind.

Dreams up in smoke

If this has ever happened to you, I am sure you know how that feels, especially when you have put so much of your heart and soul into a business, only to see it all go up in smoke.

Welcome to ONPASSIVE

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Your Partner for Success,

Saviour Ellul – Team Leader

This article was published on 23.11.2019 by Saviour Ellul
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