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The Next Generation Of Hydration is coming very soon. A balanced life starts with balanced hydration. The percentage of water in your body is somewhere between 50% and 75%. Children and infants are usually closer to 75%- 78%. People who feel thirsty, have already lost around 2-3% of their body's water. Mental performance and physical coordination start to become impaired before thirst kicks in, typically around 1% dehydration. Continuous dehydration leads to many symptoms and symptoms lead to chronic illness. 

So what is HQO? 

HQO is an alkaline ionized water device. It provides your body with proper hydration through balanced pH  levels and alkaline-rich minerals, HQO provides powerful antioxidant potential, and maximizes hydration at the cellular level.  

So why is alkaline ionized water different than plain, filtered tap-water? 

First, it provides pH-buffers to help the pH balance of your body and secondly, it contains high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidant water helps your body fight free radicals. 

What can HQO do for you and your home?

HQO will transform your homes tap water into everything you need. A clean, crisp water that gives your body the benefits of true health... Water is the key to living long and healthy. The type of water that your drinking has a big impact on your health.  

What would it feel like if by drinking a type of water you would never be sick again? 

What if there's a water that can kill E.coli, Salmonella, MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), Staph, Strep,Gingivitis and help heal wounds? 

What if drinking a type of water will give your body's cells the hydration it needs to heal those strange symptoms no one can figure out? 

What if there is a type of water that can replace all cleaning products in your home?

This water can do all this and more...

Want an extra bonus to having this amazing device?

In addition to the many amazing benefits of HQO, it also provides a financial springboard. Whether you are brand new to Q Sciences or are seeking new opportunities to further your success, there are significant business building benefits that this technology will provide to literally explode your new business or add a great additional income part time. 

Email me today to find out more info and maybe join my team in making the wold a happier and healthier place. Where science meets holistic.
This article was published on 18.11.2015 by Anna Junker
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