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Are You Self-Employed?

This is basically the 1st quarter of a new year. I know some of you probably said after the ball dropped bringing in 2017, that "I'm happy as hell to see  2016 leave!"    Huh? 

And if you made any New Year's resolutions, one of them probably was to put the petal to the metal in your business this year and become the top earner you know you're suppose to be or can be with your particular company. However, you do realize that you're going to have to change some things this year for that to happen.  Right? 

I found out the hard way that the one BIG disadvantage of owning and operating a home-based business is, you have to know how to "EMPLOY" yourself. Many of us don't.  I'll admit.  I use to be one of them. 

I had never employed myself before I became involved with my home-based business.  I mean who teaches that?   I had been conditioned like everybody else.  To be told what to do.  When to be at work, when to take  a break, when to go to lunch, when to go home, etc. 

As for my life-changing business, I would "work" it when I found time to do it.  Sometimes it was for an hour, sometimes it was for a couple of hours a day.  Some weeks I would work my business four days a week and sometimes it  was one day a week.  Sad but true.  Wanna know how much I made doing that?   Not a %~!*&#! thing.   Then I had the nerve to complain to my upline that "this ain't workin!"   Wonder why? 

My point is, your company has a blueprint for you to follow to become as successful as you want to be. But are you employing yourself to work that  blueprint like you would when you're working for someone else?  

Let me repeat that.  I don't think you heard me.



I get it.  Most of us have a J.O.B.  Most of us have a family.  Things that  lessen the time you may allot to work on your business.  And that's fine. But if you're going to finally get over the hump and join the top echelon of your company's compensation plan, you're going to have to figure out when you will work on your business, and stick to it consistently.  Doesn't matter if you only have an hour per day.  Make damn sure you get the most out of that hour.  You wanna take the weekends off?   Take the weekends off then.  But work your business like your life depended on it, because it does! 

And make no mistake about this.  When I say "work your business" I mean doing the tasks that are income producing and will move you closer to where you want to be.  Having a feel good session with a person in your downline or your upline, ain't income producing.  Organizing your office files for the umpteenth time ain't income producing.   Checking your email and Facebook, InstaGram & Linked-In ain't income producing.  I was taught by a mentor of mine that you should be doing something income producing in your business every day that will move you closer to your goal.   Ka-peech?

Need some self-motivation?   Ask yourself this question before you go to bed on a nightly basis, "What did I do today, that moved me closer to where I want to be in my business?"

To build that sizeable network marketing business we all dream about, we need to "employ" ourselves to recruit in a way that's going to put the odds in our favor of succeeding.  We need to go after people who have been in network marketing before or at one time or another.  And what's the best way to do that?  

Well here's a multiple choice question for ya. 

What's The BEST Way To Make The Initial Contact With a Prospect? 

A) Facebook & Instagram   
B) Twitter & Snapchat   
C) Email and/or Text messaging 
D) All of the above 
E) None of the above 

If you chose C) or D)  you chose wrong.


E) None of the Above 


Far too many networkers are hiding behind their computers hoping to NEVER talk to a live person to build their businesses.  Some succeed...MOST DO NOT! 

If you really want to build that huge downline that makes you that life- changing income you hear about all the time ...that $5000, $10,000, $15,000 a month or more,  it's going to be because you've come out of your comfort zone and used  the most powerful, personable, productive, and persuasive tool than all the other technological tools combined. 

What is it? 


Yes, your cell phone.  Your cell phone, dialing for dollars and calling people who are either in network marketing or were in network marketing. 

I'm telling you now, you "employ" yourself to start using your cell phone to contact your TARGET MARKET (networker marketers) from a Network Marketing Genealogy List and your business will change IN 2017 AND BEYOND!

This article was published on 05.02.2017 by Frank F. Mayes
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Jeffery Whiten Great article, good advise!  6 years ago
Andrew Farrell True That!   6 years ago
Justin Maiden Nice bro   6 years ago
Glorious Kelechi Nice piece  6 years ago
Faith Holy Preach!  6 years ago
Margaret Medina I really like this it pertains to me in every way. I am trying to step out of my comfort zone and don't really know how to reach people or what to say to them.  6 years ago

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