Whats Newgen Direct Superfoods Nutritional Supplimentation?

What is NewGen Superfoods* Plus nutritional supplementation?

NewGen Superfoods* Plus is a revolutionary organic nutritional supplement. It is produced by NewGen Direct and is free from dairy, wheat, gluten, yeasts, soy, whey, and genetically modified materials. They do not add any sugar or other sweeteners, nor do they add artificial or synthetic ingredients. NewGen Superfoods* Plus is completely safe for vegetarians, vegans, and is safe for pregnant women as well.

Can I trust the claims made by NewGen Direct?

NewGen Superfoods* Plus has been independently clinically tested by a variety of testing labs. Each individual ingredient in their supplement has been tested to ensure that it meets all its necessary nutritional requirements as well as being free from a range of harmful substances such as pesticides, heavy metals, and microbiological impurities.

They are also a certified organic company. Every part of their process from farm to you has been assessed by the Organic Food Federation before they could be certified as organic.

What is included  in NewGen Superfoods* Plus?

NewGen Direct states that each serving contains ‘34 raw freeze-dried whole food vegetables, seeds, grains, protein & fibre, plus over 60 trace plant minerals, an antioxidant super blend, 5 digestive enzymes to help you maximise the benefits of the product and over 5 billion probiotics’. It is not just the ingredients that make NewGen Superfoods* Plus so innovative and exceptional. It is the quality of the proven nutritional product available to you. What is not included are all the fillers that can make up to 80% of some of their competitor's products.

Why should I pay the higher price for NewGen Superfoods* Plus compared to other supplements?

NewGen Direct is the first to acknowledge that their product is not a budget supplement. Their goal has always been to produce a quality supplement that is a proven boost to your health and vitality. They do not allow compromise in their pursuit of this goal.

Their revolutionary high-quality supplement is possible through the use of a freeze-drying process that has been researched and developed by their partner company FutureCeuticals for 80 years.

FutureCeuticals operate over 500 acres of certified organic farmland alongside their modern state of the art research centre. Their reputation of world leading research attracts top Ph.D. chemists and biologists so that they can continue to develop their expertise and the development of their products.

NewGen Direct use their more expensive freeze-drying method as it allows them to retain the full nutritional value of each ingredient. Other cheaper methods result in cellular damage to the ingredients from the heat used to dry the ingredients. A large amount of the nutritional value and flavour is damaged and lost this way.

NewGen Direct also cultivate their own dairy free bacterial cultivars to ensure purity of their product. They only use certified organic ingredients to keep pesticides and other impurities out of their product.

This premium supplement truly deserves its higher price.

For all the details go here http://newgendirect.com/sale

This article was published on 17.04.2016 by Kerry Gaynor
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