How $19.95 is Changing Lives.

I am super excited to be able to share this with you.

Chit chatting not too long ago and the question came up. .. Why entrepreneurship for me?

And it made me so happy inside to think about it. To share it. So here it goes.

I am Lisa and I am a proud independent marketing representative.

A single mom and a college dropout. It only took a few semesters to decide that college was not it. But that did not stop me from getting into my dream field of human resources.

Working with not for and for profits, it was clear that neither model worked for me.

Tired of assisting billion-dollar institutions build their financial portfolio while I lived paycheck to paycheck.

I came across this industry one Sunday morning on a walk, literally.

I was working full-time in HR with my hands in all areas of it, payroll became my specialty.

Never knew how thankless of a field it was but when you sincerely love to help people, it does not matter.

My favorite aspect of my job became the employee relations.

I loved it but it came with limitations.

I could not fix the salary of those deserving more.

I could not fix the bad attitudes and unfair treatment coming from supervisors and managers.

And I could not fix the layoffs and terminations.

My salary was okay as it was enough for taking care of me and my family only.

But my dream before getting a job was to be able to take care of other families without ever having to think about it… Just be able to do it.

So why did I settle?

Well for a long time I did not even know I was settling.

As time went on, my dream was so deep in the cranium of my brain, that it scared me when it resurfaced.

I found this industry but had no idea what a life changing option it could provide.

The only way I would lose is if I did not learn.

I did not go into HR or become a payroll specialist without learning how to do it and grow as an expert in the field so there was no way I was going into something that I own and not learn about it.

Having started a consultant firm in 2010 as a one woman show and we know there is zero residual income when it is singular.

This industry had zero risks. Only guarantees.

And the company founder said to me, “if you follow my leadership you will earn more money in this industry than you ever have.” That has proven to be true.

Now at one time I expressed, this gentleman was the only visionary I had ever met.

But I realized, that may not have been true.

What is true, if I was fortunate enough to have met five, ten or even 20 others, he is the only one who has ever offered me the option to work with and learn from him.

I joined because I absolutely love the product. We sell the home-based business model for the largest agency in the world. Our only job here, is getting people started with their very own fun part time business.

Because of it, financial ease has made my life so much better.

I say to myself every morning, “Welcome to The Change of Your Life…. You are doing this.”

As I make my transition out of the small consultant business I built and continue building my true empire with income that will expand to my family beyond my grave. I beam from the inside out.

And all it took was $19.95 to change my life.

PlanNet Marketing is a debt and investor free company with a compensation plan that rivals the industry. There is only one tier to become a PlanNet Marketing Representative and that is the $19.95 one-time activation and $19.95 a month for maintenance. That also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

I joined because I absolutely love the product.  We sell the home-based business model for the largest host agency in the world who is the number one in travel sells to date. Our only job here as the marketing firm, is getting people started with their very own fun part time business.

Now you can get in position as an owner in the only industry that is heavily relied on by all the others.

In the meantime... be safe, be kind and be well.

I look forward to working with you.

This article was published on 17.12.2020 by Lisa Herron
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PlanNet Marketing - Marketing Company, 19.95 USD to join

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