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In a few months, we will present a hybrid network marketing and direct selling opportunity; a software business opportunity. Essentially we are enabling partners to become their own software company focusing on small self employed business people and even companies consulting then on "process automation". What does that mean? ask and find out.

Software is the now and the future. You routinely hear of software companies and millionaires. Everyone knows a software sales person living wealthy but what if you could become a software company? What if you could help small company owners and self employed business people add value to their businesses and automate what they spend time and money doing?

If you know or have access to communities of network marketers, home based sales people or business owners, mortgage brokers, estate agents, accountants, food retailers, recruitment consultants, personal trainers, business coaches, consultants, gardeners, freelancers of any sought, caterers, wedding planners, creatives (etsy etc), artisans (carpenters etc), handymen, bakers or cake makers, graphic designers, photographers, tutors, chauffeurs, babysitters, lawyers, interior designers.....the list is endless. These small businesses are run by the owners and are the owners. They probably have a number of internal things they do within their businesses that they never they could automate or afford. How much time to they spend creating invoices? Chasing invoices? keeping records and receipts? Storing, filing and finding documents? Managing their diaries? Managing holidays and holiday requests? Deploying email campaigns, measuring the effectiveness and following up? What about sales? How do they track their sales, who is buying, where from, when and why? How can see hoe their business is doing this month or against last month or even last year?

What if they had an EASY TO USE CRM (client relationship management) system, a HR system, an invoicing system, a payment processing system, an accounting system, a marketing system, a bill management system and a phone/call record system all in one platform with mobile apps? All talking to each other? How much time would they save? How much more valuable would their businesses be? How much better would their service be? How much time would they have to focus on their core business? What if they could automate the running of their businesses and focus on working with their customers more?

This a real opportunity and real product solving real issues for self employed/small business owners and we offer them all the software they need to make them automate their businesses in one platform increasing the value of their businesses whilst making them more efficient; increasing profit at the same time.

Our business partners can expect genuine monthly passive income, simple plans and a lifestyle business.

What do you think of the concept? Get in touch and give your feedback, get on board at ground Zero!!

This article was published on 03.07.2016 by Jones Ovi
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