Suckers that are changing the World- and you can help

What an opportunity! Everywhere you turn there is one organization or another having a fund raiser. Am I right? Whether it’s a school or a specific department within the school, selling candy, popcorn, donuts, light bulbs, it’s so bad that I’ve even seen schools selling mattresses to raise money, putting the kids in a position so they are more or less forced to push things not very many people will want in the first place.

With many people turning away from sugar laden candy, because it tends to lead towards gaining fat or weakening their health, many who want to help are no longer buying any of the aforementioned but are instead giving a cash donation.

At this time I would encourage you to go check out this video…

You’ve gone and watched the video? Good. Being the smart entrepreneur that you are can you imagine what we have out hands on at Evolv Health? What if you kept working with your current network marketing company but also chose to become an Affiliate with us at Evolv Health? The Acemannan in each HOPE pop is the same equivalent that has been going into the foods given to orphanages around the world and malnourished children suffering from all kind of issues from digestive problems, brain injuries, and breathing issues, to cancer, cycle cell anemia and aides are having the kind of results that totally blows doctors minds as they have never seen what can happen when a childs immune system is nourished with acemannan.

Now for the first time in North America Evolv Health will have these fantastic tasting suckers that no doctor, dentist, or other health care professional can say are unhealthy are should be avoided.

What if you were to work your current business but also act as an affiliate with us and put these health promoting suckers in your local schools? Perhaps the hairdresser or barber who does your hair would buy them to give to their clients. Everywhere you go people put out a bowl of candy. People at flea markets, dry cleaners, auto repair shops, the possibilities are endless. Are you thinking of where you could place some?

Now envision if you will kids having one of these suckers every day and begin to have a functioning immune system so now they can breath effortlessly, no more runny noses. Kids who are now able to think more clearly and begin to get better grades. Parents who don’t have to miss days from work because of sick kids. Are you getting the picture?

Major fund raising companies are already patiently waiting to get their hands on them. Is that enough of a clue that perhaps you might want to grab a position with me so when they roll out in the next month or so you will be able to hit the ground running? Friend me! Let’s chat!

This article was published on 22.11.2019 by Doug Dye
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