work as a professional independent agent for wemagine

Wemagin make free games with cash prizes to make sure they will get loads of players.

To make it global fast they need agents to help them spread the free games around the globe.

This is open for anyone on any continent in every country and it does not cost anything to do this.

What is an agent?

Agents are used for anything professional like for example professional sportsplayer or professional actors.

The agent finds people in the particular area of interest and they recieve a procentage of the recruited peoples earnings.

Wemagine need agents to find more agents!!  Because this is a company still in building they need lots of agents to later on bring in the players. So in this first stage you are an agent finding more agents.

This mean you can build yourself an empire with this because you are among the first people on earth to work as their agent.

To be in in an early stage of a new company is a golden opportunity and this is even better - this is an opportunity of a lifetime!

1. it is free so everyone can afford to be agents and players

2. it is global

3. it is right in time... advertisers turn to apps now and they pay better then online.

4. we have the only mobile affiliate network so it is easy ( we are the only app with referallinks)

5. it is a 3d part  (advertisingagencys) that pays the company and not a dime from the members or agents so it can not be more legit.

6. You can have unlimited numbers of agents and players tied to your account so in other words your income possibilities are unlimited!!! You get 10% of all winnings as a matching bonus from the company YWB

Prizes range from $100 to $50000 so you understand the odds of you getting huge amount of daily dollars increase with every person you tie to your account

If you have an entrepreneur mindset ( or just are born clever ) you already seen the huge potential in this....

Do you know anyone who don´t want to play an easy game for a couple of minutes if they can get $50000 cash for it?

And if you are among the first to bring people in ...... can you see the potential?

Do not wait.... you have the best position right now!

Join here and read all about it in the app "getting started" and "faq" ..... your future self will thank you!

This article was published on 20.02.2017 by Lena Li
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