Beat The Exitus Elite Price Rise

Exitus Elite, has taken the "High Ticket" market-place by storm, and even newcomers are having 4-figure days.

Why Sell High Ticket Programs? 

Suppose you're looking to earn $3,000 to cover your monthly bills, mortgage etc.

It only takes a few minutes of calculation to see that if your average commission earned per customer is (say) $30 then you're going to have to make 100 sales per month - every month.

Unless.... you're selling what's become known as a "High Ticket" offer, where you can earn $800+ per sale. 

Is MLM / Network Marketing The Answer?

Don't imagine you can leverage your $30 sales through an MLM business where a whole network of distributors will supplement your earnings from their sales.

97% of networkers fail because, even if YOU can make sales, there's a fair chance that anyone you recruit can't. So they get disillusioned as monthly auto-ship costs drag on, yet sales are few and far between. Finally, most quit and you need to start all over again with a new team.

Enter Exitus Elite

Exitus Elite is a new and exciting "High Ticket" business, and compares very favorably to many of the better known High Ticket programs - because it's far more affordable.

Many other High Ticket offers work their way up to selling you programs costing 5 figures. Now I don't know about you, but I don't know many "opportunity seekers" that can get their hands on such high prices.

Even if they make enough money that they could buy in at the higher levels, they're more likely to be paying off their debts and buying a few luxuries!

So Exitus Elite is affordable, and once you've bought the product there are NO upsells to higher packages.

Price Rise This Weekend

Originally the product cost was $1,000 plus an annual membership of $299.

This weekend marks the release of version 2 and the price will rise to $1,300 plus $300 annual membership.

Why That's Good News

It will increase your commission to a level such that you can (optionally) pay $500 to a trained commission-only salesperson, while still pocketing a generous $800 yourself.

Why Join With Me?

Because I'm part of a Facebook group doing something very special for its members....

We're helping newcomers get your first two sales. After that you'll have a success story to tell your prospects. Of course, if you're using the company's trained "closers" that's all done for you. Just send them leads, so they can close the sales for you.

But Hurry...

Although the price rises any day now, there's still time to buy in at the old price.

Click here for more information on how to get started.

This article was published on 12.08.2016 by Joy Healey
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