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Types of Protein: Animal vs Plant Protein

Protein is a buzzword these days, but how much protein does your body actually need? What are the best plant-based protein sources? And is it possible to get too much protein? Here’s what you need to know about this critical macronutrient.

Anyone who adopts a plant-based diet or even considers going plant-based is likely to hear some variation of this question with alarming frequency.

You don’t have to look far to see what can sometimes border on protein obsession, especially in the Western world. From protein shakes, bars, and powders to cereals, cookies, and protein-focused diets or meal-delivery services, a high level of attention to protein seems to be just about everywhere.

But is all this attention to protein warranted? How much protein do we really need? Is it actually possible that some people could be getting too much protein? Is animal protein really better, as many people believe — or might it actually be better to get it from plants? And what are the best plant-based protein sources?

Let’s take a look.

Is Protein Necessary?

Yes. Protein is something you need to eat every day. Why? Because your body doesn’t store it the way it stores fats and carbs — the other two main “macronutrients” in food. In a pinch, if you’re not getting enough protein from food, your body can also take amino acids from your muscles (but that kind of defeats the purpose).

OK, but what is protein?

Protein is an essential nutrient for the building, maintenance, and repair of almost all the tissues in your body, including your bones, muscles, blood, hair, nails, and organs.

Protein also gives your body energy, although that’s not its main role. In addition, protein helps keep your immune system strong (because proteins are a component of your immune system). And, eating protein can help keep you feeling full longer.

What we call protein is made up of 21 amino acids. Your body can make 12 of them, but there are 9 that are called the “essential” amino acids because you need to get them directly from your food.

As long as you’re eating a variety of whole, natural foods and getting enough total calories and enough overall protein, you should meet your needs for all nine essential amino acids. The notion that you need to combine foods (especially plant-based foods) in order to get the right balance of amino acids, also referred to as complete proteins, is a myth.

Types of Protein: Animal vs Plant Protein

It’s also a myth that protein from meat is a better protein source than vegan or plant-based protein. Although the meat and dairy industries like to make it sound like animal protein is the prize protein for your body, science doesn’t back up this claim. It turns out that the source of your protein matters. And you might be surprised to learn that animal-sourced protein may actually be inferior to plant-sourced protein.

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by... Louis Hoolaeff HrHcACS
This article was published on 01.03.2023 by Louis Hoolae
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