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Best Lead Generation System That Pays You $5 Per Lead

Have you heard of any money-making system pays you first?  Most system requires that you pay money to be able to earn from their system.  The program pays you $ 5 to join them.  In addition, they pay you if your referrals join them.  It is indeed a powerful income opportunity that will ensure everyone will make money.  Seriously, you will not find any easier business than Guaranteed Downline Club (GDC).

A downline club is:

  • Downline club is free to join platform
  • Group of people working together to make money
  • DLC serves as vehicle for members to sponsor other members
  • DLC will join a “Paid” program as a group to make money
  • DLC may provide “spill over” referrals
  • DLC could earn money from their downline efforts

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The reasons why downline clubs do not work:

  • Members join abut join interest
  • Members do not keep up with the club
  • Members jump from program to program
  • Most members do not join “paid” programs

It is no secret that all easy income opportunities end up being total disappointment.  They charge you upfront fee- one time or monthly membership.  That is not all, then have inherent tie-ins which require you to spend money if you want to earn regular income.

How is this program different, you ask?

GDC concept is based on a premise that everyone joins a ‘downline’.  GDC pays you to join the GDC.  It is anticipated that once the downline reaches about 100,000 members, everyone in your downline will join a major successful network marketing program.  The higher up in the downline you are the higher your potential income will be.

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GDC is really 2 very lucrative business in one.

Completely passive- You earn by getting people to enroll for which you get paid.  You are helping GDC to build massive downline.  You are getting paid and in addition, you will be paid $0.50 per each person you refer.  The you wait patiently.

Networking company- Big money comes in when you join a networking company with your downline joining you.

Here are the reasons why Guaranteed Downline Club will make money:

  • Members are paid $5 upon enrollment
  • Members DO NOT PAY
  • Members get 50 cents per each referral
  • Members earn 50 cents per each member passed up
  • Members stay engaged as they earn
  • Members continue to sponsor more members
  • More members will join as Paid members in a new program

Interestingly, you can build your personal list.  You are enrolling your members without any cost but by paying them $5.  Who would not want to pay $5 to get a system that will earn them to build their own list?

This article was published on 04.08.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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