Do You Have The Gift Of Being Able To Close Sales? Check out this deal...

I am looking for rock star sales closers!  I know you are out there. I have a deal for you. Read on! I am a Silent Salesman Sales Broker and I'm looking to add a person or two to my team of associate brokers. You will earn a $200 commission, paid by corporate, for every app you sell.  And trust me, this app is so easy to use and it 's great for small business to help them compete with the larger companies that can afford to develop and build their own company apps internally.  This is huge for small businesses and for you!! We take all the work out of it and deliver a branded, customized app that can be changed and controlled with simple drag and drop technology.  Take a look at the sales video at SilentSalesMan Easy App Video which is the video you'll show prospects and tell me this isn't the most robust app available.  That video is the first tool provided for you to use and it honestly does all the work for you.  You simply follow the scripts that are also provided and in a proven 2-step process, the deal is closed and you are on to the next sale.  Could you sell one a day? Two a day? We provide free leads to you also.  Wouldn't an extra $1000 or more a week make your bank account happy? What could you use that extra income for? Take that vacation this summer, the cruise you've been putting off. This is life changing money! And it is just the tip of the iceberg as we move further into the mobile age and more and more companies move their companies to apps to keep their companies in business.  Remember when people didn't think they needed a website?  I think we all learned, in order to get the lions share of sales, you have to put your company where your customers are.... and they are all, or nearly all, on their smart phones!

I invite you to read about the Silent Salesman Broker opportunity where you will find all the details.  Keep in mind that I have paid the deposit already, so there is absolutely no cost to you to join my team and begin making commissions.  As an added incentive, in the hopes of bringing just the right person or persons aboard, I'll sweeten the deal and pay an additional $100 out of my own pocket, to make your total commission $300 per sale, until 10 apps are sold.  You will read all about that, but again, I've paid it and so in as little as 5-10 minutes of you joining me, you'll be set up and ready to rock and roll.  We will converse at first, to cover any questions, etc. but you can actually begin making money immediately by utilizing the leads you are given.  Training, forms, the manual, complete support and a very friendly and helpful staff of people at corporate are available and will make absolutely sure your customers are taken care of completely from the moment their order is submitted.  Your job is done and you are free to move on to the next sale.  

This is a real offer for a commission only gig that could literally be a cash cow for us.  That is why I ask for natural born closers.  People with that knack will make a fortune and I'd like to focus on other aspects of my business so I really do want someone that can run with this and make it happen!  This is one of a couple of "cash cow" programs available to us, among the other lucrative programs at the ICANetwork.  I hope you consider this carefully and join me immediately.   

Thanks!  And as always, here is to your success!

This article was published on 09.03.2018 by Joan Nielsen
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