Why Forsage?

For me, the answer to this question is simple.

But first, let's take a look at the generic problems we have with some other MLM business':

  • Longevity. You build it, and then it's gone.
  • Risk of the company taking your money.
  • Ongoing monthly subscriptions
  • High fees
  • Country restricted

First, longevity. Forsage is constantly evolving to make use of the most fluid crypto-currencies. As Ethereum encounters ridiculous gas fees, Forsage open up a Tron matrix. Binance coin is the next matrix to be launched. Perfectly adaptable!

Quite frankly, if the company ceases to exist, anyone working their business, has already made their money.

Forsage is completely decentralised, so if the company were to collapse, your money is your money. It stays in your crypto wallet by way of a smart contract that can never be changed. There are also no payments to the company. Every single transaction is peer-to-peer, so the company don't touch it, and it is forever traceable on the blockchain. Complete transparency and security.

No ongoing fees! You can reinvest at any time, but you work at your speed. Once the contract is made, you hold your position. If you're a slow-starter or short of time, you're not penalised.

Unless the company gets closed down, (some say it's a Ponzi), there is no reason why this system shouldn't be around for years to come. Crypto is only likely to increase in value, so your investment matures over time. As Ethereum gas fees drop, I can see there being a second wave of referrals to boost the stagnant matrix.

Anyone can do it! It doesn't get any more simple. A classic matrix system, rejigged for the modern world.

I think it's the perfect biz. A way for everyday people to work hard to change the shape of their future, using a simple but effective vehicle! The scope is there for making huge amounts of money very quickly, although I will have to disclaim that extreme results are not typical!

The best thing for me is there are no limits as to who can start. You can enter for next to nothing, so affordability isn't an issue, and Forsage operates in multiple languages, and in virtually every country. Perfect for marketing!

Forsage is a massively exciting project, and I look forward to seeing the results every day!

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This article was published on 22.03.2021 by Chris Suckling
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Forsage - crypto, matrix, 6 USD to join

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