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Passive and Active Income-Earning Long-Term Strategy

Social media is full of people advertising passive income opportunities. Some of these make what in reality are false, unrealistic promises, they also fail to provide all the necessary information which is quite important for any potential investor.  What they effectively are doing is adopting a push strategy where very little focus is placed on the investors' expectations and more emphasis is placed on securing the sale.

The reality here is that if these are indeed valid, they seldom come with structured support, or an approach that actually validates whether or not the individual being asked to join is a match for the program in question. 

What we have built is a structured plan that focuses on working with the individual, identifying their desires, needs and wants and then helping and advising them based on their feedback. The idea is to build not only the relationship, but also a team of like-minded people who work ethically and morally together and who share the same common vision, mission and goals. 

Our philosophy is simple, we would rather lose a sale if it is clear that what we offer is does not meet the investors' expectations, the flipside is that we would be more than happy with work with our investors, as part of our team so that collectively, everyone benefits the end of the day.  

In keeping in line with the structured methodology approach, our projects run from 3 months to 6 months. Our focus at present is on 2 investment opportunities, the links of which can be found below. As these  stabilize, others will be added. 

If being part of  a team who focus on long-term sustainable passive and active income stream projects is something that appeals to you, then feel free to make contact using the details below. 

By joining you will:

• Work in a team of like-minded individuals - there is no cost to join the team, the only cost is to join the investment platform.

• Share experiences, listen to others, learn from success stories.

• and be part of key discussions.

• Work on reaching targets and milestones.

• Be part and parcel to future projects.

• Benefit from a structured team-focused approach with regular meetings.

By joining you will not be:

• Left on your own and expected to recruit.

• Expected to market on your own without any support.

• Put in a position where you are not rewarded for your hard work.

Our Objectives

• To ensure transparency in all aspects of the project and at all levels.

• To share knowledge and experiences with everyone in the team

• To implement strategies that promote the growth of the team.

• Ensure that all members act ethically, morally and adapt best practice methodology.

• To build long-term, sustainable income strategies for everyone involved

Please send an email to if you would like to part of the team.

If you would like to explore the 2 projects that we are focusing on then click on the links below.

warmest regards

Shaun Roberts

This article was published on 03.05.2023 by Shaun Roberts
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