Whaat's wrong with the New Oil Barons?

I introduced  the New Oil Barons' uni-level marketing program in April 2016. It's based on the low price of bulk oil and therefor a sure winner for anyone who joins. The monthly membership cost is only twenty five dollars and features ten levels of ultra generous recruiting commissions in both cash and oil shares. Members can work at home with no buying or selling requirements.

You'd think it would have been an instant success, but that's just not the case.   Until very recently, we've failed miserably.

It isn't because I don't know anything about Networking. I have created and operated, or been involved with a few very successful affiliate programs in the past. Among them were The Wise Mule, Dare to be Rich, and the Laundry Ball - a  blue plastic ball filled with ionized water which, the manufacturer claimed would clean your wash without detergent for more than a year. It seemed to work as claimed until I demonstrated it in a brand new washer and the clothes came out just as dirty as they went in. After a great deal of embarrassment and introspection, I realized that the reason it had always worked before was the soap that builds up over time on the  back of the washer drum, and I quickly disassociated myself from  that MLM.

The Wise Mule and Dare to be Rich owed their success to bulk mail. In those days spam was a tolerated recruiting technique that generated an average return of two sign-ups per 1,000 emails.  So a 100,000 address mailing was very exciting in terms of both membership and profits. Addresses were easy to come by with any of the low-cost email harvesters, and were easy to send with one of  the many free  bulk mailing blasters. But both the Wise Mule and Dare to be Rich programs were shot and killed by the self-appointed spam police that sprang up in the late nineties and  infant years of this century.

So when I opened   the New Oil Barons' for business it was pretty natural for me to think that bulk mail with opt-in lists would generate a  larger membership list faster than any other recruiting method. I was wrong. The money I spent on my new 'SendBlaster' program and a mailing list of a few thousand opt-in email addresses, didn't produce a single reply. I can't believe it was because my messages were poorly written or uninteresting, because I've been a professional copywriter for sixty years. They just weren't getting into the recipient's 'inboxes'.

And it wasn't because I didn't know how to create a website as you can see by my current home page.

So what could possibly be wrong?

New oil barons recruiting
This article was published on 02.07.2016 by cals5839 .
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