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Training Your Newbies

Network Marketing is not just a recruiting business. It is a training business. I submit that you should be ready, willing and able to train your new partners. I can say matter of factly that if you do not, most of them will do nothing.

The best way I have found is to teach your people what you do first. Teach them exactly what you do, I mean exactly. They need to understand a simple fact: They are in your downline because of what you did to recruit them. Ask the what made them join your group. 

The first thing I have people do is to show their opportunity clip to 2 people they know and simply get their opinion.  When they are done, I have them tell me exactly how the experience went from start to finish. I really grill them about the questions they got asked and comments they heard. This is an awesome learning experience for them.

Once this task is completed I ask them to do 2 more. Because of the experience from the first 2, the next 2 gets easier before them. The same drill by me is repeated over and over. Soon they are bringing interested parties to me so I can talk to them.

I also will call all those they showed the video to to ask the prospect how they think the new rep did. And of course, I try and sell the product or service so they can help their friend out. I always preface the request by asking if they saw any value in the product or service.

Sometimes the people I talk to are amazed to hear the type of training and support their friend is getting. I love when they start asking questions.

By starting new people slowly, they lose the fear of talking to people. Who do you think those first 2 people they go to are? If you guessed, their very best friends, you are right. They are the people they trust the most! If you ell them to go out and talk to everyone they know or to make a list filled with memory joggers, you will scare them off. And they will most likely do nothing!

I promise you if you do this every time with your new people and you are with a solid company, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

I'll finish by saying that none of what I write about will work with start-ups or pre launch companies. Can you guess why?

This article was published on 10.07.2017 by Sean Kelly
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Irene Chemney I so agree with you Sean there is too much sign them up and let them loose without giving them any guidance or proper direction  6 years ago
Steve Robinson contact me   6 years ago

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