How To Avoid Fear Of Calling Leads

How many times have you got a list of leads, all excited, and then once the time comes to pick the phone up, the fear kicks in.

Wonder what to say? How to answer certain questions that may come up? What if you are not good enough? What if they are rude from you calling them?

All of those questions begin to run through a mind once the time comes to actually begin calling leads. So I want to share a little piece of knowledge (or experience) with you that will help a lot when it comes to destroying the fear of the phone, which is killing your business.

We Don't Want Everyone

Do you really believe you can signup everyone you speak to?

Of course not. So if the fear of being rejected or not getting a lead to signup is the issue, remember you are going to lose more than win in MLM.

The process you are working, is a process of elimination. You are calling to find the bad ones, and get rid of them so you can focus on finding the good ones.

Looking at this process for what it really is will help. Your job is to find all the bad and get them off the list as quickly as possible, so anyone who hangs up, or isn't happy with MLM, is gone.

We Are Looking For A Particular Person

If you are considering looking for a certain type of personality, the calls will go easy.

You need people who talk a certain way, and are easy to "connect" with. Many people seem scared of you when you call, and a few will talk to you as if they knew you forever. Those who open up quickly and start conversation easy are the right ones. This will make the entire process much easier.

Those who are short answered, or do not speak much, would never do well in this industry. So go for only those who are easy to talk to and have lots of energy.

Now, seeing it this way is making things much easier already.

They Are The Ones Who Benefit From Your Call

Understand that when you call leads, they are the lucky ones. If they can not see that, it only makes your job easier at finding the right people.

You are not doing any disservice by calling leads. They either asked for it, or they are certainly lucky you found them.

If they are not open to learning new ways to make money, do not try to convince them, let them go. By staying on the line with someone who would never do well in this business is only a time killer for your business. They will never join, therefore you move on quickly.

If you do not believe that what we have in MLM is not a good thing, you will not be able to express that energy over to a prospect. You need to focus first on believing in what you are doing, before someone else can feel your energy.

Still Afraid To Make Calls?

The best way to kill phone fear is to do it.

Pick up the phone and begin dialing.

Do not think of what the prospect may say, or how you will reply to any questions. Just pick up the phone and call.

What to say will come. Remember that when you locate the right person, they will make it much easier for you to talk. They will make you feel comfortable, and will be easy to speak to. They do exist.

If you run into prospects who you do not like speaking to or feel uncomfortable, it may be best to end the call and let them know they may not be who you are looking for. Believe me, many of these people will not want that to happen, and will become more interested if they feel you do not need them. From time to time, you can signup even the ones you thought at first were dead ends.

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This article was published on 20.02.2017 by Jaye Carden
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