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Hi! I'm a mom with 2 great kids and just jumped on board with ItWorks! Global. My long-time friend had been asking me to join for months, and every time I told her no. Little did I know, she really did have my best interests in mind. I finally agreed to join and I honestly can't say enough good things about the company. The support I have is phenomenal and the products are ones that are good for everyone! We offer health, wellness & beauty products that are all natural, organic, and non-GMO.  These days, we really have to be careful of what we put into our bodies. We are most famously known for our "skinny wraps." These are body wraps that contain natural botanicals in an infused cloth to wrap around any body part from the neck down to tone, tighten, and firm. 

We also carry supplements for those looking to lose weight, body fat, increase endurance and energy NATURALLY. We have skincare products to help with wrinkles, under-eye circles/bags, and dry skin. I really enjoy using these products and promoting them because they DO work!! Hence the name, ItWorks! 

On the business side of things, ItWorks Global has the best compensation plan I've seen.  I've only been in for 2 months and have already received a promotion, raise and a bonus. I'll be promoted again this month and receive another raise and bonus! How many people can say they get a raise or bonus every month at their 9-5 jobs? Or that they can receive a bonus and raise anytime THEY choose? Not any that I know of! I am on my way to the top and with my supportive team behind me, I'm assured to reach success. We have all sorts of people in our team - stay at home moms, teachers, hair-stylists, waitresses, nurses.... This company is very diverse and they treat ALL of their distributors well by rewarding them for their hard work!

Building an empire takes time and It won't be easy. Yes, it will be work. But it will also be worth it! There are no limits to what a person can achieve. We have such strong encouragement and incentive from our team and CEO and we get PUMPED UP to share our business with others. It helps everyone - health and financially!

Check out my site: and send me your info so we can get you started!

This article was published on 05.06.2016 by Catherine Kendall
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