Give vacation incentives to your prospects

Imagine adding a vacation incentive to prospects. What does this mean for your business? If I say I need to give you vacation with your family would you be interested to listen to what I have to offer? Almost everyone loves a vacation at least once in a year or even more.

The struggle for network marketers

This biggest challenge for most network marketers is team building. The main reason is that they lack a marketing strategy. Network marketing relies heavily on recruiting. If recruiting was easy everyone would be making money. The only people that make money are the ones that implement expert strategies in their marketing.

How does travel incentives work?

Just like big brands like coca-cola, McDonald's and so on. I remember walking into a supermarket one day and seeing the promotion that said buy one and get one for free. My intention was to purchase another type of drink and I ended up getting coca-cola because it was on promotion.


Let's take this to network marketing

Why should people join your business? in order to win in network marketing, you should have a large following otherwise you will be one of the many who don't make money online. Just link me I have over 20000 followers that I have collected over the years I have been in network marketing. Reaching out to those numbers is just a matter of some clicks.

You don't have to go that route of spending years to collect data. but instead, you could offer some travel incentives to your prospects. You can offer incentives at any given point. Things like watch this free video I will give you a dinner voucher. Join my team I will give you a travel voucher for you and your family.

This is what the company o shared about earlier on does for people like you and me. You will be on the winning side if you have something extra to offer to your team.

Watch this video that explains the concept


making network marketing work one should be very clever in their marketing. Thi sis the method I have been using to bring growth to my various online businesses. if you do the same I promise you will see tremendous growth in our business.

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My name is Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma aka kudaonline. I run a blog called . I am very passionate about helping others in the area of making money online.

This article was published on 30.10.2019 by Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma
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