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First Ever Decentralized Digital Currency Bank on the Blockchain -GS Partners

Are you in the cryptocurrency space and looking for a way to hold your own assets and be part of a company that provides a long term plan? Then please read on. This is NOT a compounding crypto opportunity that may or may not be around in a few months. I am proud to be a partner in GS Partners Global. This company offers innovative and non-hackable tech privacy products and the first ever decentralized digital currency bank on its own blockchain. Become a first adopter like me and get access to our G999 coin by becoming a Brand Advantage Member. Basic annual membership is $199.

The G999 coin is a utility coin that mobilizes every transaction on the blockchain. Through its deflationary model, it gets burned and used up, creating less of a supply which will drive the price up. 

The company just launched and offers two ways to earn: passively, through the coin, and/or through referrals  

The tech products include GS Telecom which provides completely encrypted emails, texts, voice messages, and photos on the G999 blockchain, offering the most secure way to send information. Subscribers pay with G999 to send these messages. When we are offered free apps to send info like What’s App – it is not truly free as we are the product and our privacy is the cost. What’s App is now owned by FB which is famous for selling and sharing our data and information.

Our GS Lifestyle is offered in over 100 countries and includes several lifestyle debit cards. There are 5 fiat currencies that these take as well as cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Eth, and G999. This provides a solution to freely move assets and use the card wherever Mastercard debit cards are accepted. As a Basic or Premium member, you get the cards at a discount and you earn on anyone you refer as either a consumer or a business partner when they subscribe and each time they swipe the card. As a first adopter, this is massive and pays in real time.

 GS gives us 2 ways to earn – passively by acquiring assets and also through a generous referral program where we get paid in real time in BTC or ETH.  

GS Partners has also created a mobile wallet and signature card (acts as a cold storage wallet) that reinforces security and privacy on the blockchain. Typically, the wallets we use for our crypto are custodial. That means someone else owns the wallet with our funds in it and in turn, it is not private and may be vulnerable to hacking. Another product needed right now.

GS also offers earning on our G999 coin through its trading platform, nodes, staking, and Defi accounts as well as just launched tokenized real estate. Currently Basic members pay $199 to start (annual) and if they enroll in the savings account will earn 3.5% per annum while Premium members ($999 annually) can earn 5% per annum.

G999 is currently on 9 exchanges.

The company is planning for an IPO in the coming weeks and is also creating other needed private financial products – they have discussed loan and insurance programs for the future as well and will be adding gold, silver, and diamonds as assets in addition to original NFT certificates.

Many companies are also signing with the company  as part of GS Media where they will pay for space to whitelabel on the G999  blockchain to advertise.   

Crypto is the future and if you are seeking a company with a vision, you're in the right place. There is so much more to share – but my biggest goal is to help change people’s lives through this unique opportunity. I am looking at this as an opportunity like Apple or Bitcoin at the very beginning and am so grateful my mentor shared it with me. I should add as with any opportunity, there is always risk and no guarantee for earning. However, from my personal experience, I feel this is something to research and explore.

Here is my link. Here is a presentation with our latest developments on tokenized real estate.

Please email me at for more info

This article was published on 08.04.2021 by Stacey Abrahams
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GS Partners Global - Defi Bank/Mastercard, 199 USD to join

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