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The Private Family Network

The Private Family Network Online Screen Addiction Management Program Package,

A Brand New International Online Package for Parents and Families...

Address the latest in online Children Screen Addictions etc,,,

plus a host of endless Learning courses and APPs etc,,,

The Company is seeking High end individuals seeking to expand their business portfolios.

So the TOPIC = Screen Addiction and medical Effects on Kids.

Proven medically now ....

So is there a Solution?

YES, up to now Parents have used Online apps to try to control their kid's devices.

however, 99% of these parental APPS don't really work.


56% of all under 12-year-old girls are already groomed online and have sent a NUDE photo? SCARY BUT FACT.

When school kids go on Holidays now PORN Searches rise by 4700%

We now have a team of Doctors calling this the NEW Digital Cocaine Addiction

The rest is all mind-blowing stuff that's happening around us daily in all family's homes.


So a brand New Company has started from scratch and built the world's 1st every online parenting package for Families.

Bottom line here......only a few dozen folks worldwide are aware of this ,,,, right now..

But upon pre-launching for 3 months then officially Internationally Launching we are expecting approx 250,000 new package users during pre-launch.

As a few of the world's top online marketing consultants are onboard...for it....THE PRIVATE FAMILY NETWORK ....

Customer support System

The Private Family Network

If interested..let me know and I will link you to a Super top Marketing consultant  here in Ireland who is going to build a Mega super team..

He would support you in any way you need if required. Let me know if ya up for tapping into a Trillion dollar Package Market for this concept.


This article was published on 28.06.2022 by Michelle Elli
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Private Family Network - Online app families, Free to join

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