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The main thing I hear when I discuss the services we offer through Prepaid Legal, such as Legal Shield and ID Shield, is.....Oh I don't need that, I don't get in trouble.   I have no reason to need to talk to a Lawyer!

My response?  

1.  Do you have your will completed, is your advance directive done and does your family know what your final wishes are?  

2.  Have you ever signed a contract?  Whether that be for a home, job, car, apartment rental, cell phone?  Do you have an Attorney that can review that contract to ensure you are being treated fairly and getting the best deal?

3.  Have you ever needed to consult with an Attorney and when you try to find one they want to charge you a large upfront free to the consultation and if you need anything further it will cost more.

4.  Have you ever received a speeding ticket?    Do you have an Attorney who will go to court for you to get your points lowered and ensure you are getting fair treatment?

5.  Has your identity ever been compromised, whether that is on social media sites, breaches that happen with consumer purchases or even losing your license?  Do you have a private investigator that will investigate and get your credit back to where it was before the compromise?

6.  Do you pay extra annually for malware protection, VPN services and password management?  Are all of your smart phones and computers protected?

7.  Lastly, how is your credit?  Could you use assistance with a professional to review your credit report, help with removal of incorrect or outdated items and provide counseling for improving your credit score?

8.  Have you ever gotten pulled over for no reason and felt your rights were violated?  Do you know your rights?  

9.  The legal plan covers you and your whole family up until the age of 26 for one low price.  All of our legal plans are family plans for the same cost.

10.  You can choose either an individual or family ID Plan, depending on the protection needed.

All this coverage is part of your LegalShield and IDShield plans and all for one monthly rate, access to Attorneys in all areas of law and all with the click of a button on an app on your phone.

Legal and Identity protection anywhere you travel with 24 hr, 7 day, 365 day a week access to an Attorney.... now thats security.

The question isn't can you afford the low monthy price, its can you afford NOT to have the services for your protection and your family's?

I am also looking for others to join my team, we are in 3% of the market, grow with a company that has been in business for almost 50 years and is looking to protect and empower everyone, giving fair access to all.

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This article was published on 10.12.2021 by Melody Montaño
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