Are you tired of barely making ends meet? Could you do with more liquidity in your life? If you answered, yes, check this out. A legal and proven online business opportunity that pays you a steady income and offers professional life changing training in financial literacy. This is a fully registered company, legit and ethical built on a system that allows you to introduce friends to the products and get paid as you build your matrix at your own pace.

You may be wondering what this is about, or simply curious. Here it is:

4Corners is a USA based company, it launched a multi-level marketing business in March 2013. It is opportunity to earn up to $550,000 by just paying a one time fee of $18, sign up 4 people and they in turn repeat the process up to level 6. Do not be misled by the small joining fee this is a gold mine. The commission are paid out as follows;

* Level 1 *$4/person x 4 people = $16

* Level 2 * $4/person x 16 people = $64

* Level 3 * $10/person x 64 people = $640

* Level 4 * $24/person x 256 people= $6144.00

* Level 5 * $60/person x 1024 people = $61 440.00

* Level 6 * $120/person x 4096 people = $ 491 520.00

You also get a 100% matching commissions for every person you personally sponsor.

Four Corners has two major pillars upon which it is built Education and Wealth Creation. Financial literacy is delivered through a set of 6 e-books which you can download online to study at your own pace. all in all there are 31 e-books and this is powerful and quite resourcing. 


Signing up for the business is like enrolling in a college of finance where you earn while learning. This is because 4 Corners' product is online financial literacy material primarily meant for you and those you sign up. 

It empowers you with financial discipline, Entrepreneurship skills, investment in properties, preparation for life after retirement and many other financial related topics like trading online. There is no extra marketing or selling of these products because every recruit is a sell.

Once you sign up you will not pay anything again from your pocket. Books are paid for directly from your commission and the total cost of your books is $555.

Here is a summary: 

1) It's a LOW-COST start up business.

2) NO MONTHLY costs

3) NO SELLING stress.


5) WEEKLY withdrawals 

and the list goes on and on....

It can be done all you need is 4 people and they do the same. do yourself a favour and you will love it later on in life. Just skip that pizza for a day and you can start building a great future for yourself and you family

Visit http://www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com/the-business/?a=mashumba or WhatsApp on +61426154569 to learn more of this great opportunity.

This article was published on 20.12.2015 by Grace Mashumba
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