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Carnival offers the Future Cruise Vacation Program, which allows passengers to book a new cruise in the two weeks after departure. The confirmed booking business offers a 50 percent down payment, also excluding the cost of the ship, the cruise line and any additional fees for the first two days of booking. Passengers who opt for a confirmed Conf booking will receive a $50 discount on their next cruise, up to a maximum of $1,000, depending on loyalty level and line. When booking, choose the sailing date and cabin category of your vessel, as well as the price of all cabin options, such as cabins, meals and snacks.

The program gives passengers the option to book on board at promotional rates that can be carried out for less than $1,000, up to a maximum of $2,500, for a two-week cruise.

Depending on the length of the cruise, passengers can also pay to reserve cabins for future sea voyages, up to a maximum of $1,500 for a two-week cruise or $2,000 to $3,200 for an eight-day cruise.

The amount depends on the length of the sailing trip and the chosen category, and you can book unlimited future cruises for up to three people. This offer can be combined with the "Go big, go big or go better" or "go good" offers. The cruise offers a credit of $500 based on the length of itineraries and cabin categories for passengers who know the ship, know the sailing dates and know what they want. A deposit of $100 per person is offered, but the amount can only be booked for future cruises at the time of booking for a maximum of two weeks or $2,000 for an eight-day cruise.

This allows passengers booking on board to receive a $200 cabin credit based on the ship, sailing date and cabin category. You can choose an itinerary from the current sailing and make a future deposit for a cruise, but it can take up to four years before you choose a cruise.

Cruise ships can book a specific sailing on board and decide four years later, or they can book and change their preferred itinerary. Passengers can change their itineraries without restrictions.

You can also receive a reduced deposit for new reservations that are secured within 60 days of disembarkation of a trip. When booking on board, passengers receive an additional 5% membership discount if they already qualify for the Windstar Yacht Club loyalty program on their first cruise. And when passengers book a cruise on board, they get a $200 booking start based on program policies, as well as 10 percent off all other bookings.

Costa Cruises offers cruise advisors on its ships, which help passengers to take advantage of the shipping company's simple booking offers. If you book a cruise on board, you will receive a 5 percent discount on all future bookings as well as an additional 10 percent on all other bookings.

Crystal grants a 2.5% discount to its passengers booked on board, and they can pay a reduced $100 deposit for their first cruise and repay the rest of the normal deposit once they are on board. Repeat Crystal Cruisers can also sign up for the past passenger program of the Crystal Society, which gives them an additional 2-5% saving, a total of 5% on all future cruises.

While cruise ships have to cancel or postpone a cruise months in advance, some cruise lines have expanded their travel insurance policies and offer travel insurance that allows guests to cancel at the last minute.

Carnival Cruise Line is offering savings on cruises by the end of 2020, and the policy applies to all trips between now and April 30, 2022. Likewise, a new policy from Norwegian Cruise Line allows passengers to cancel within 48 hours of the start of their holiday and receive a Future Cruise Credit for travel in December 2022 and beyond. In addition, guests can also cancel at the last minute and be offered a $1,000 credit on a future cruise for the same cruise date.

Cruise ships can also opt for a refundable reservation, which gives them a future credit of up to $150 per cabin based on cabin type and cruise length. Alternatively, they can opt for an open reservation for future voyages with a non-refundable deposit of $200, or select their statoroom and sailing date at the time of reservation. Royal Caribbean offers a new policy of booking on board two months before sailing and a one-time credit of $1,000 for booking in advance.

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