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Why You Might Be Encouraging Your Prospects to Say No To Your Opportunity...

Now that just sounds crazy. Why would anyone with a business opportunity encourage any prospect to say "no" when one of their biggest objectives is enrolling people into their business?

Trust me when I say this is true but it's not intentional.

Take a second a picture this scenario with me:

Let's say you present your business opportunity to someone and you're laying out all the details as to why it's so awesome and you give them like 300 reasons why they should join.

They tell you something like "let me think about it" which is basically them saying "no" but them not wanting to tell you that outright.

But then you make an attempt to convince them that they're making the wrong choice or convince them further on why the company is so great.

Wrong move.

Here's the deal: We as networkers are all or have been guilty at some point in time for trying to convince people to join our business.

But make no mistake that your prospects are way more guarded than you might think. They can smell from a mile away when they feel like they're being sold to.

Some of the biggest dead giveaways are things like:

Going too quickly to the sale or enrollment

Trying to lay down every single reason as to why they should join

Trying to convince them that saying no is the wrong choice

You might not be telling these people flatout to say no to your opportunity. But it's these types of things that ENCOURAGE them to say no.

So how do we fix this?

Well first of all it all comes down to "going for the yes"

And yeah that means throwing aside that convincing stuff and adopting this tactic that actually gets people attracted to you and your offer when you click here.

If you want people to say yes to your opportunity, then you need to give them an actual reason to do so.

Listing all of the cool and neat benefits your company has believe or not, is not the answer.

Your prospects have bigger and other important things on their mind rather than caring about a ton of small details.

It's about getting to heart of their problem and knowing exactly how your opportunity can be the solution to that problem.

And that is exactly where you want to start. By asking the right questions.

Not sure how to do that? If so, then be sure to click here to gain access to the free 5-Day "Go For Yes" Challenge that will give you the best headstart in understanding your dream prospect and start attracting those ideal people to you and your opportunity!

This article was published on 05.08.2021 by Kevin Williams
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