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Are you aware of four quadrants trough which individual generate income?

Hello, my dear network marketer,

Are you aware of the four quadrants people make money from??

If not here they are:

E- Employee, who works in the system 

S- Self-employed, owns a system, but burnout because of lack of scalability

B- Businesses, owns a system and runs a system

I- Investors, who can buy businesses, invest and make money. In this quadrant, money works for money.

When we talk about the employee quadrant,  people for a company or corporate do you think when you work as an employee, can make lot and lots of money? probably not because you have limited hours in a day so you can't do so much by yourself. In this quadrant, you work in the system. In this quadrant, people trade their hours to make money.

In Self Employed quadrant, people like lawyers, pharmacists, and physiotherapists but here there is a catch. Do you think physiotherapists can make money without working? Do you think they can go on vacation for a month whenever they want? No, they can not. In this quadrant, people trade their life to make money.

When we talk about business, you know like Mcdonald, Timorton, etc. Do you think the person who found this company is flipping the burger or making the coffee himself/herself? No. Because they have created a system on which business runs without getting burnt out. They make other people work for them. So people in this quadrant are the system builder people.

Now when we talk about the last quadrant, which is investors, people save more money by running businesses and they have money to invest. Here money works for money and money doesn't take any day of. It works 24X7. 

And when you see statistics 91% in Canada and 95% in the United state work in the Employee or Self-employed quadrant. Only 9% or 5% work in the Business and Investor quadrants. 

The question for you guys is do you want to spend your 5-15-25 years being employed or self-employed? or do you want to become a business owner and investor if you have given an option? 

My opportunity is exactly the same. You start as a self-employed and take a license and start building your team that carries 50, 100, 500, or 1000 (or more) licensed advisors that will run on a system and do the same thing that you did when you were at that stage and this process will continue and the revenue generated by your will make you passive income.

Income potential is unlimited as people are not educated on how money work by parents, government, school, colleges and by employers. So educate them, help them save money and give them the same opportunity that you were given and make passive income. Contact me at

This article was published on 07.12.2022 by Gaurang Patel
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Experior Financial Group - Insurance, investmen, 150 USD to join
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