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6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Gold

We all know that financial planning is a must to ensuring you and your family’s financial future. With so many investment options on offer, making the right financial decision is difficult. Wouldn't it be easier knowing you've invested in something which is inflation-resilient and held outside of the banking system, an asset that has been traded and trusted for centuries?  

Unlike paper currency, coins or other assets, gold has maintained its value throughout the ages. People see gold as a way to pass on and preserve their wealth from one generation to the next. Gold is and has been globally accepted in more than 194 countries for centuries, thus establishing itself as a form of currency. One of the most powerful bankers of his era, J.P. (John Pierpont) Morgan put it so precisely and succinctly: “Gold is money, everything else is credit”.

In recent times, the importance of relocating assets into a more reliable form of investment with yielding results has been lost. Our current world banking system was created when the gold trade began - the gold would be deposited into banks and proof of the deposit was obtained in the form of a receipt in the amount of the stock.

These receipts were the first unofficial banknotes of the world. The trading of bank notes was thus born, and was quickly recognized by banks. So much so, that gold-deposited banknotes were playing an increasingly important role in society, which soon led to the first official notes being deposited with the gold ones. 

In today’s modern world, the monetary value of printed currency essentially has no value - meaning it is not backed? by gold. The gold standard corresponded to the beginning of the 20th Century’s 1.504632 gram of gold = $ 1. Due to the compounding effect of the gold standard in the coming years, it is constantly changing and in 1971, was abolished entirely. 

Gold's importance in the modern economy center’s on the fact that it has successfully preserved wealth throughout thousands of generations. The same, however, cannot be said about paper-denominated currencies.

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Gold:

  1. Gold offers protection against inflation and currency reform. 
  2. Gold bars are global cash. 
  3. Gold in a time of crisis is a stable investment. 
  4. Gold is and will remain unimpaired, as limited resources which are not reproducible. 
  5. Global demand for gold is higher than its supply. 
  6. The purchase and sale of investment gold is exempt from VAT. 

What Does The Expert Have To Say?

If you ask experts in the world about their opinion on gold, 99% would answer, "Gold is currency, gold is safety”.

It is, therefore, not surprising that the top experts around the globe recommend that their clients have 10% to 20% of their assets in Gold. For the past 2600 years, gold has been used for asset wealth protection and/or generational wealth. 

Marc Faber (Editor & Publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report) have the following opinion about Gold "Everyone should buy some gold every month, in order to secure their future".

Alan Greenspan (former Federal Reserve chairman) said "Who has gold always has money"

Karsten Dabelstein (gold expert from the Conrad Hinrich Donner Bank of Hamburg) " I am assuming that the gold price will fall because the demand from central banks in emerging countries is no longer significantly less than 1000 dollars per ounce"

So to conclude i would say Gold is a good security for you and your family. Start protecting your household’s future - sooner is better than later, as the price of gold only increases. Investing in gold is not like buying stocks or bonds. You can take physical possession of gold by buying either gold coins or gold bullion. 

Karatbars allows you to protect your assets by owning physical 999,9% pure, certified gold currency in small gram weights. You can SIGNUP today and become a customer in 4 easy steps.

This article was published on 06.01.2019 by Colin Jooste
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