People who understand Acemannan don't try it- they know they have to have it.

Chronic illness and disease are getting out of hand daily.

While the U.S. is number one in trauma care, we are way down the list in health and healing. Given EvolvHealth's social platform with the mission to eradicate childhood malnutrition, it''s not possible to do that with traditional nutrition, that is not designed to do what this level of nutrition is. You can't do it with traditional vitamins and minerals that sit on the shelf.

The key technologies we have to offer, beginning with IMMUNE function, a discovery made in aloe vera back in 1981, now published in the Library of Congress, is the role of biologically active glycans, or sugars in the human body, especially in the role where the immune system is concerned.

We now know this is the basis for human physiology.

The body is so WELL DESIGNED. If it doesn't have this ingredient it is designed with a back-up, to make it. Today that doesn't happen very efficiently.

When you look at acemannan, over half of that polysaccharide chain is made up of one called mannose, which is found in two places in nature to sustain human life on the level it was designed to function. One is the aloe vera plant and the other is mother's breast milk. It is even produced by mama during the gestational period and pumped through the umbilical cord for that new life while he/she is developing. Once he/she is born, mannose is released through the mammary glands and comes out through mother's breast milk. It is the most perfect food for a baby.

When we look at acemannan, and particularly mannose, we know what science has published through the years, and particularly last October, 2018 in Nature Journal concerning mannose and how it IMPAIRS TUMOR GROWTH and ENHANCES chemotherapy. Many of us have witnessed this effect in others through the last few years and now it is published.

It makes me saddens me deeply to see friends and family going through treatments having harsh effects on their bodies and their doctors don't know this. There is so much help.

Wouldn't you love to represent a company that has what makes a whole system of the body to be structured and function properly? The Immune system? Wouldn't you love to represent a company that has such a life changing nutritional science that doctors and researchers want to do trials for the most challenging issues? Wouldn't you love to represent a company that cares for the worlds most vulnerable children, orphans, who are so Mal-nourished that every 6 seconds another 1 dies, by supplying the same world class nutrition on a 1 for 1 purchase basis? Wouldn't you love to represent a Social Business that is on track to eradicate childhood malnutrition?

Think about it. Wouldn't you want to change the world and make money too? Let's connect.

This article was published on 21.05.2019 by Doug Dye
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