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Our story begins among the tables of Harry's Bar in Rome and the Parisian brasseries. One day, passing by the window of a large perfumery on the Champs Elysées, Fatima Maarouf confided in Roberto De Angelis that she had a dream of clean, healthy and affordable cosmetics available to all. After a few years, and various studies carried out in the sector, our company took shape: it was the beginning of "Nova". Nova is the realization of a dream of healthy and effective cosmetics, because we believe that a healthier, more aware, more ethical world is the right approach to take to achieve overall well-being.
Nova is a company that creates, develops and offers consumers a range of skin care products which are in perfect harmony with our ethical approach. Our products meet safety, efficacy and ethical requirements and are mainly vegan and/or made with organic ingredients.
Nova’s first challenge was to select serious suppliers whose products are completely free from substances which are harmful to health, such as parabens, dyes, petroleum jelly and formaldehyde. Nova’s second challenge was to use natural ingredients, inspired by medicine and by cosmetics made by traditional civilizations of various origins. Taking the best of what nature and cultural heritage can offer and transforming it into quality, healthy and effective products.
Nova’s third challenge was to offer high-quality natural products at reasonable prices. To achieve this fundamental objective, we chose to cut all costs connected to intermediates and advertising, which increase a product’s final price. To do that, we chose to sell our products online and with network marketing.

Our ethical approach obliges us to care about everything that surrounds us.
On a social level, Nova is a chance for men and women who can’t find a job, or else have a job but their salaries don’t allow them to live without financial worries and so are looking for additional income. We are willing to welcome anyone who wishes to be part of the "Nova" project, without discriminating against any social class, religious belief or sexual orientation, because we believe that diversity is an added value, not a burden or a wall that all too often leads to division.
Our primary aim is to allocate of part of Nova’s profits to fund, through a foundation, development projects in disadvantaged areas of the Third World or to families in need. How, when, where and who will benefit can be decided by everyone together.
Finally, the future of our planet and the state it will left in for future generations really matters to us. Using organic products and limiting packaging also protects the environment, safeguards nature and promotes the recycling of products if biodegradable or easily recyclable packaging is used.

Our distribution is based on Networking Marketing, and as you all know, the fisrt you will join the business the more you earn.

We are waiting for all opportonities hunters.

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This article was published on 18.05.2016 by Fatima Maarouf
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