Onecoin is a digital currency ( cryptocurrency that guarantees you unlimited earnings.

Onecoin is a dgital currency lauched in 2014 out of the success of bitcoin. Onecoin is the next cryptocurrency with unique innovative features. Onecoin is founded by Dr. Ruja Ignatova in september 2014. Onecoin is creatining millionaires every month. Onecoin the future of payment.

How it works:
On onecoin we sell educational packages with this educational oackages you will receive a training oacjage and tokens.
This educational package make you understand what cryptocurrency is all about.. Onecoin ... Onecoin gives you tolens in return as well. There are several packages in onecojn.

The minimum package is the starter package. It costs €140 with this package you get 1100 tokens then you will have to put your tokens into mining. Then when it being splits you get  coins in return. 62 tokens = 1 coin.

This coins will be converted to fuat currency like euro or usd... Then you can withdraw. But i advice you to start as low package as a trader package of €550.  You get tokens and training package as well.
And the other packages are Pro trader €3300 and Tycoon package €5500 lets stop here.  Note: The higher the value of package you purchase the numbers  of tokens and coins you will get in return.. This is not a magic.  You can leave your coins if you like for many years to rise in value then you will sell at high price and make huge profits.

The other way round to make money in onecoin is networking. Any new member you sign up in onecoin you will get bonuses. 10%  direct sales bonus. 10%  network bonus. 10% matchiing bonus. And start up bonus for new members... For example you have a member coming with a tycoon package of €5500 you wilk get €500 direct sales and network bonus...
With this network. You can be raking in millions of euro or dollars on weekly basis.

In onecoin you can make withdrawal  on every monday. 5 times a month.

On onecoin signup is free then you can upgrade your package to what you wish. Onecoin is a business opportunity that do not depends on any country economy. Any country's economy cannot affect your making money in onecoin. Onecoin is not controlled by central government of any country in the world. Onecoin is independent. You can make money unlimited on onecoin. Onecoin guarantees you easy and weekly money.

There are several payment gateways in onecoin like bank transfer, bitcoin, Perfectmoney.. Note: when you pay using bank transfer your package will be upgraded between 3 to 5 working days..

No onecoin.Everyone that wants a change of lifestyle can join onecoin today.

Onecoin.   Oneworld...

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This article was published on 07.06.2016 by Akinleye Abeeb Ola.
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