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Living in an age of changes, has made me wonder; are we all put here with our own personal qualities and powers just where we need to be? Are the times waiting for us? Can we make a difference? I know we are not meant to go against something we cannot handle so everything we come across has the meaning of teaching us a lesson and make us grow. Last few years I developed the mentality to see everything as a test and strive for it instead of trying to avoid it. Since here is a community oriented on financial situations I will only say that from this procedure I saw my income grow many times around 100% more.

But life is not just money. That is another topic and a great one.

Speaking of business I see that there is always opportunity even when nothing points to it. It is true we create our opportunities, we just need to be open. That does not mean we are to jump from company to company trying to catch momentum. We just need to find focus and the sacred three things that Joseph Campbell says are needed to live a fulfilling life; sacred time, sacred space and a thing we love.

As people that have taken responsibility to start their own business we have a certain freedom on one hand but many have fallen in the sales slavery. In the 21st century you do not need to chase people and press sales. It happens naturally and occurs as day and night.

Opportunity today is not sales; they take care of themselves. Opportunity is building a system that channels those sales through a network of people already having the habit of purchasing. That is best delivered through the system of online shopping. People with developed shopping habits need just to be given the chance to enter the system and then it is taken care of. People buy deodorants, you get paid. People buy smartphones, you get paid. People buy food you get paid. Simple. Even recruiting is done and is not necessary.No need to build your own e-shop too.

It is all about shifting our perspective and being open to ideas. We cannot march forward with 1970 mentality. Sure it still works for some, but if we want to do something sexy and cool then this shift must come.

Once again, all this is greately connected to our own personal philosophy that is applied in all life areas not just business. I dare to say business must be the last applied.
This article was published on 19.11.2015 by Milos Pavlicevic
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Maria Boubouri Very empowering!!!  5 years ago

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