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23 Productivity Secrets For Any MLM Business Owner

What is the most important part of running an online business? Or just any business?

The answer is productivity in the time you have. If you are able to produce money making results in the time you have to work your business, you then can become successful.

However, most online business owners will spend their time doing things that feel comfortable to them instead of doing what is needed to become successful. Especially in MLM.


My good friend Adam Chandler is the perfect person to talk to about productivity. Once he realized that what he did in his time is the most important part of his business, he was able to reach the $10,000.00 a month level in MLM.

Adam at one time was fired, and his job was replaced by a piece of wood. So knowing that a piece of wood could replace your job was not a good feeling. This is what led Adam to understand he HAD TO DO SOMETHING in order to make a living.

So Adam decided to put together his own "23 Productivity Secrets" that he personally uses every day to continue this growth and success.

You can access his "23 Productivity Secrets" HERE and get Adam's daily routine, so you too can achieve the same level of success he has.


For the sake of understanding just how important productivity is, let me explain.

Your daily routine and habits are a reflection of your results. To be more blunt, take a look at your results. Do you like them? If not, then you need to change your daily habits so your results will change.

If you were to log into Facebook for marketing purposes, do you stick to only marketing? Or do you find yourself looking at all the posts, messaging people back that are non-business related, and wasting too much time on it?

This goes for all things in your day, and by simply tweaking what you do, can lead you to a life of success and results.


To understand if you are being productive or not, is not only judging by your current results, but if what you do is something you have not done before.

Calling people to talk to about your business is something most people fear. It is uncomfortable, and people don't want to feel uncomfortable. But, calling people everyday is being productive. It is how you obtain the quickest results.

Perhaps you are afraid of the camera and shooting videos? 

Well people who overcome that fear and do it, will be seeing more leads and signups than the person who made excuses. Remember these things are only uncomfortable in the beginning, and then you become use to them.


What is MMA?

Well my friend Adam can explain all of that for you. But I will tell you this much. If you are not using MMA in your daily routine, you will not succeed.

Learn more about what MMA is, and how you can put MMA into your own business by WATCHING THE VIDEO by Adam.


If you are fired up about finally getting the results you need in your business, then please leave a comment or share this with someone who needs it.

NO MATTER WHAT BUSINESS you are with, productivity does not discriminate. If you are not productive, your business fails. If you are productive, your business flourishes. Your Decision.

This article was published on 15.02.2016 by Jaye Carden
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