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Is MLM Really a Relationship Business?

Is MLM really a relationship business? Someone asked me this question yesterday and I thought it would be a great article. 

My immediate answer is YES & NO. I do believe that relationships are the glue that will help keep your team together for the long-term. After all, people want to do business with people they like, know and trust. When people like and respect you, it does give you an advantage over someone else who is not liked or respected. 

Of course, not everyone will stay, even if you have a good relationship with them. Your best friend might join, do nothing, and then quit. Your mom might sign up and then cancel her auto-ship the following month. 

No matter how good you get along with someone, or how much they like you, it really has little to do with their performance in the business. 

And you will have people who build it big, even if they don't like you. And you will have people who quit the business because they don't like you. No matter what you do, you can't please everyone. 

You could be the best person in the world at developing relationships, but still be a horrible network marketer!

After 17-years of doing this, I believe the relationship part is far overrated. People will spend hours trying to build a relationship with someone who (1) they haven't even sponsored yet and (2) there's a good chance that even if the person does join, they won't do anything to build their business. 

When it comes to relationships in network marketing, I believe you should focus on the relationship AFTER someone joins the business AND proves to you they are serious. All the time you spend trying to win someone over, hoping they will join, and be successful, is time wasted.

I think you would be much better off learning how to recruit and taproot, work the numbers, and then let the numbers sort themselves out. As people get started, put in some work, and show you they are coachable and willing to work, THEN you should really start to cultivate a relationship with them. 

That's just my two cents. I know every leader will have different thoughts about this subject. What do you think? What's your viewpoint about building relationships in network marketing? Is this really a relationship business? Why or why not? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. 

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is a Network Marketing Professional, blogger, treasure hunter, author, and world traveler. He lives in Florida with his wife, Rachel. Visit his blog to learn how to Get More MLM Duplication or Get More Leads with Drop Cards

This article was published on 18.11.2019 by Chuck Holmes
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